Our Doubts Are Traitors

Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how this has happened, I appear to have concentrated and painted another full squad of traitor guard without getting distracted. It may be because the lost and the damned are so riveting to convert and straightforward to paint – or it may simply be the will of the dark gods themselves. Either way I now have a second ten man squad wrapped up. Let’s take a look at the final two additions.

First off there’s this thuggish individual. Truthfully I see a lot of flaws in him; I’m in the middle of moving house and decided I wanted to get him (and thus the squad) done before I moved. Perhaps that’s led to me rushing him a little (…excuses, excuses…), perhaps I’ve just started to have artistic-doubts about how he’s turned out. Either way I think I’ll probably go back to him soon and make some adjustments.
However there are some things about him where I’ve pushed myself and feel I’ve really nailed the result (the ragged skin tabard for instance was an experiment in using greenstuff which I didn’t really expect to work but feel has come out nicely).
And in case anyone still thought he was just a loyalist courting a reprimand for failure to take care of his allotted weaponry a view from the back should settle the matter beyond any doubt.

Really his commanding officer should have had him shot for displaying a non-standard body structure. However that didn’t happen, mostly because his commanding officer is this guy…convert-or-die-spider-face-1Does he give you the creeps a little? He certainly does me…


Anyway, this calls for a family photo of the whole squad together (you know how this works – click it to see them properly). Next week I should be able to sit down and work comfortably so expect even more villainous treachery then. In the meantime if you have any thoughts at all the God-Emperor’s Devoted Inquisitors want to know about it! Submit them for scrutiny in the comments box below.

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