Ransacking the Archives

It sees my lack of fidelity to a single god is a crime from which I must now atone. Having failed to serve Nurgle faithfully he has struck me down with a particularly virulent sickness of the cold/flu/lie around feeling naff variety. Sadly this has made painting and modelling somewhat nonexistent.

Never mind, the show must go on! Whilst visiting my parents over Christmas I found a few old models tucked away that I don’t think I’ve shown before and I thought might be of interest. Before we take a look at them however let me add a quick caveat. These aren’t the best models I’ve made but maybe there are some ideas in here that could be salvaged for future schemes, or which might inspire one of you at some point? Who knows? Either way perhaps if the ideas are shared something might come of them in the future – and if they aren’t at least it fills in the time until I’m recovered!

First off here’s a Space Marine I put together when playing around with ideas for a new chapter.

Overall I’m still rather pleased with him, especially as he’s quite old now. I don’t find gold an easy colour to work with (so quite why I chose it who can say?) and with a critical eye the antlers look a little bit big. He also lacks a backpack (a cardinal sin!) but I couldn’t work out how to attach it without fouling the cloak (which I reckon is probably the best bit of the model). Mostly though he seems a little small. I’m not a true-scaler (total respect to the guys who do that but I’ve never had that much commitment to Space Marines) but I have at times wondered about resurrecting this guy’s chapter (perhaps without quite so much obvious Blood Angels iconography), writing some background for them, and putting together a few ‘actual size’ Space Marines based off this idea. Of course, if I ever did try anything like this, I’d need to create a few chapter thralls to accompany them – which brings us to this second model.

I’m not sure that he holds up as well as the Space Marine does, although there are still elements about him I like. The Bretonnian hooded peasant heads always add an element of rustic grime to Imperial serfs and the banner has held up well. Sadly for him however he was built in the dark ages before the release of the Skitarii when pretty much the only human sized bionics came from ancient (even then) Necron warriors. At the time I also thought I was really pushing the boat out using an Ork axe to make a backpack. Again though I feel there are good ideas here, it’s just that my ability to execute them hadn’t really developed yet. In my defence I was also working with a considerably reduced pallet of bits compared to what’s available now. Certainly were I to attempt this now I think it would be a fairly straightforward model to create, so perhaps there will be a life after death for him after all.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this little look into the archives. All being well, or more specifically me being well, there should be some traitor guard headed this way soon. In the meantime comments are always welcome.


20 responses to “Ransacking the Archives

  • Alex

    A respectable example of ‘early work’ mate, I like the Stagmarine – what’s the chapter name?

      • Wudugast

        Hehe, Space Elks!
        To be honest I don’t think the chapter ever had a name, just a concept. If it did it’s lost in the mists of time now. My plan was to really play up the knightly element of Space Marines using lots of Bretonian bits. There’s another – somewhere – who is holding a falcon in one hand (and also, if memory serves me right, features the world’s worst greenstuffing around his midriff). If I ever lay my hands on it a picture might be forthcoming (probably the next time I’m ill and need to come up with some filler!)

  • Thomas

    Don’t forget about the pre-Necron Chaos Androids in the Space Crusade boxed game. Older than old school.

  • imperialrebelork

    How old are the models man? I think they’re both really cool but my favourite is the second fellow. He looks intense. I think you owe it to yourself and us, the fans, to build an entirely new chapter.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah he’s thinking hard about something isn’t he? Probably that he regrets buying mechanical arms off a Necron… How old are they? I’m not sure now. Not ancient certainly – I’ve spared you from the very old stuff (and probably always will). I’d say they pre-date this blog by a year or two at least though. You can however feast your eyes/give yourself a laugh at my first ever Games Workshop miniature (not my first ever miniature that was years earlier) over here: https://convertordie.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/heavy-metal-hero/

  • imperialrebelork

    As far as a chapter name goes I have no iDEER.

  • krautscientist

    Thanks for sharing these, as I think they provide a pretty cool impression of your growth as a hobbyist! And you are quite right in that there may be a lot of ideas worth salvaging in the models!

    The Marine’s main problem is that he seems to lack direction: There’s just too much conflicting heraldry there, and the pose needs some tweaking. That said, the idea of a somewhat celtic styled Astartes (as that is the impression I get from the model) clearly works: The antlers, fur cape and SW shield mix rather well, even if the antlers could be a bit smaller. I think building an updated proof of concept model for the chapter might be a pretty cool project! As for the paintjob, maybe “verdigrised gold” à la weirdingway would suit the chapter’s look and underline the celtic feel even more?

    The second guy would still work reasonably well in an INQ28 warband, if you ask me. The lack of bitz sows, but not overwhelmingly so. If anything, I think you should have gone for a slightly more restrained colour palette — your CSM perfectly show the merits of a reduced palette.

    But beyond any quibbles, these are cool and experimental and creative, and much cooler than the uninspired cookie cutter stuff so many hobbyists (myself icluded) come up with during the earlier phase of their hobby life.

    • krautscientist

      Oh deer, it seems like I totally forgot to include a fitting pun in my comment… 😉

      • Wudugast

        Reading your (very comprehensive) reply an idea is starting to evolve. I hadn’t really planned to go back to this chap but I’m liking the idea of creating something slightly more toned down and Celtic. The verdigrised gold armour is a good suggestion, perhaps with some celtic knotwork on parts of it, an antlered crown, a fur cape, maybe armed with a hunting spear…
        Thanks for the suggestions, this is full of possibilities!

  • matt

    do you know of any spare bitz sights that u can trust for my chaos spacewolves

    • Wudugast

      Personally I tend to use bitsbox or more often just have a hunt around on ebay. I used to use bitsandkits but I’ve had a few bad experiences with them so I’d tend to avoid. Hope that helps 🙂

  • The Responsible One

    The antlers on the Marine actually really breaks up the familiar Blood Angel helmet silhouette. I really like it!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – they may be a little on the big side but it’s still an element of the model that I’m really pleased with. If/when I get around to revisiting the concept it’s definitely something that I’ll be keeping. In the meantime of course I’d love to hear of someone taking the idea and pursuing it on their own 🙂

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