Demonic Munitions

So having worked on all those Nurglings it seems I’ve drawn the gaze of Grandfather Nurgle himself and been floored by a particularly hideous cold, slowing painting and everything else to a crawl. Anyway, I’ve finally managed to summon the energy to finish this off so, without further ado; we’ve seen the very small now let’s look at something larger (not a cue for innuendo I assure you).

You may recall that way back in May of last year I showed you this Maulerfiend. Like a lot of Games Workshop’s kits it actually makes two models based off a single chassis – in this case a Maulerfiend and a Forgefiend. As it happens I managed to pick up said chassis in amongst some other bitz for a knockdown price and, by combining it with the leftovers from the original box and a few other bits and bobs, came up with this monster.

I’m really pleased to have added this one to the ranks at last. I love a spiky tank (and especially a possessed and mutated tank!) as much as the next heretic, but it’s the daemon engines which really set the Chaos Marines apart from their ancient rivals, the Space Marines. We’re more than just the Astartes with spikes, we’re a twisted, ten-thousand year old thing in itself. We reference the Emperor’s Finest from whom we grew but we are not them and models like this set that beyond any doubt.

Having said that I do have a doodle in my notebook of a Maulerfiend converted into a huge, ice-scarred iron wolf stamping out of the Fenrisian night, so in theory at least there is something for the loyalists here.

As always if you have thoughts I want to know about it. Make them known in the box below.

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