One With The Flies – Part 2

Did I not promise you more Nurglings? Did you truly doubt my beneficence? Then doubt no more!nurglings-convert-or-die-1


nurglings-convert-or-die-3I’m really getting into painting these little guys. As you’ll probably have noticed if you’re familiar with the kit I’ve not used both ‘stacks’ of Nurglings something which – although it makes each individual model smaller, makes for a larger and more impressive squad overall. It also lets you see all the individual Nurglings, revealing that each one is very much a character with a little bit of personality all of its own. The designers have clearly poured a lot of love into this element of the kit – yet its something that’s lost if assembled as intended.

At the moment there’s just one more on the painting desk but they’ve been such a fun little bit of post holiday entertainment I’m sure I’ll come back to them before long.

10 responses to “One With The Flies – Part 2

  • Thomas

    Cute little nurgelings. 🙂

    I really like how you varied the skin colour. It helps to bring out all the flavour of the design.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! The skin colours in the next ones will be more consistent (similar to the first lot) but I think when I get round to doing some more they’ll have a mixture of colours – it’s not much more effort and I think it looks a lot better and helps make each one an individual.

  • imperialrebelork

    I agree with Thomas. The diffenret colour for each accentuates their individual character even more than their little faces. A fine job my friend. Imagine an army of these little bastards hurling themselves at you. Eeek.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I also agree with Thomas – although the skin colours will be more consistent in the next set (and there is a reason for that) any more that I do will have a mix of colours.
      Oh and once I come back to these little monsters and paint up the rest of them there will be an army of them (now I think about it this is probably an acceptable thing in Age of Sigmar – and this may mark the first time the game has actually appealed to me…).

  • Alex

    Lovely… gross, but lovely 🙂

  • technasma

    Nice work! the grimey paint scheme really works – I can totally imagine what kinds of stomach-churning filth these little imps have been wallowing in!

    • iriselsewhere

      I bet if you put them in the bath, they would come out all pastel-pristine and *adorable*. Then they’d eat your rubber ducks.

    • Wudugast

      @ technasma: Cheers! I have to admit I do find the combination of filth, toxic gloop and rust extremely appealing to paint 🙂

      @Iriselsewhere: You know I’m easily led. You say these things and the next thing I know I’m looking on ebay for bath tubs from dolls’ houses. I don’t need this Iris, I don’t need this! 😉

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