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Revolution Is My Name

The aim in mind for my traitor guard is to build up a real horde of heretics; a swarm of thugs, chaos fanatics and other degenerate scum. In terms of the vibe I’m looking for think of the Skaven from Warhammer; massed ranks of shabby, poorly armed foot soldiers, accompanied by weird specialists and crazy warmachines.
Obviously the task of actually recruiting all those bodies represents a bit of a logistical headache – the very principle is that there needs to be a lot of them. In order to solve this I’ve had a root around on ebay and managed to pick up a load of Cadians and Catachans on the cheap. These models, unwanted in their previous incarnation, will now be converted into the next wave of the Chaos advance.
Philosophically I think this gives something to the spirit of the models themselves; the character of former Imperial soldiers who have turned to the worship of Chaos being represented by formerly Imperial models.
Anyway, here goes with traitor guard squad number two – Clan Maul. First up we have this chap with a flame-thrower, another survivor of the Special Weapons squad I planned long ago (back when I was basing the collection around the Imperial Guard codex rather than the Lost and the Damned list from Forgeworld).convert-or-die-traitor-guard-15



convert-or-die-traitor-guard-18And here’s the first of his new squadmates, another devilish looking traitor.


traitor-guard-convert-or-die-2Hope you like them, there’s more to come soon and, as usual, if you have any feedback I’d be happy to hear from you in the comment’s box below.

No Guts, No Glory – Part 7

I know I’ve been promising traitor guard for ages, and they really are just round the corner. However before we get to them I wanted to take us back, briefly, to this model – the champion of my Nurgle Chosen squad. Here’s how he looked last time we saw him:

Big Boss Red Skullz suggested that he really needed a backpack of some kind to balance out the huge power claw and I was inclined to agree with him. However it took until yesterday for me to sit down, break out the greenstuff and actually get on with it.

And here he is from the front.

I’m thinking I might add a few more cables, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it. As ever though I’d welcome input, so if you can think of any changes or improvements you think I should make now’s the time to chip in.

Ransacking the Archives

It sees my lack of fidelity to a single god is a crime from which I must now atone. Having failed to serve Nurgle faithfully he has struck me down with a particularly virulent sickness of the cold/flu/lie around feeling naff variety. Sadly this has made painting and modelling somewhat nonexistent.

Never mind, the show must go on! Whilst visiting my parents over Christmas I found a few old models tucked away that I don’t think I’ve shown before and I thought might be of interest. Before we take a look at them however let me add a quick caveat. These aren’t the best models I’ve made but maybe there are some ideas in here that could be salvaged for future schemes, or which might inspire one of you at some point? Who knows? Either way perhaps if the ideas are shared something might come of them in the future – and if they aren’t at least it fills in the time until I’m recovered!

First off here’s a Space Marine I put together when playing around with ideas for a new chapter.

Overall I’m still rather pleased with him, especially as he’s quite old now. I don’t find gold an easy colour to work with (so quite why I chose it who can say?) and with a critical eye the antlers look a little bit big. He also lacks a backpack (a cardinal sin!) but I couldn’t work out how to attach it without fouling the cloak (which I reckon is probably the best bit of the model). Mostly though he seems a little small. I’m not a true-scaler (total respect to the guys who do that but I’ve never had that much commitment to Space Marines) but I have at times wondered about resurrecting this guy’s chapter (perhaps without quite so much obvious Blood Angels iconography), writing some background for them, and putting together a few ‘actual size’ Space Marines based off this idea. Of course, if I ever did try anything like this, I’d need to create a few chapter thralls to accompany them – which brings us to this second model.

I’m not sure that he holds up as well as the Space Marine does, although there are still elements about him I like. The Bretonnian hooded peasant heads always add an element of rustic grime to Imperial serfs and the banner has held up well. Sadly for him however he was built in the dark ages before the release of the Skitarii when pretty much the only human sized bionics came from ancient (even then) Necron warriors. At the time I also thought I was really pushing the boat out using an Ork axe to make a backpack. Again though I feel there are good ideas here, it’s just that my ability to execute them hadn’t really developed yet. In my defence I was also working with a considerably reduced pallet of bits compared to what’s available now. Certainly were I to attempt this now I think it would be a fairly straightforward model to create, so perhaps there will be a life after death for him after all.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this little look into the archives. All being well, or more specifically me being well, there should be some traitor guard headed this way soon. In the meantime comments are always welcome.

Demonic Munitions

So having worked on all those Nurglings it seems I’ve drawn the gaze of Grandfather Nurgle himself and been floored by a particularly hideous cold, slowing painting and everything else to a crawl. Anyway, I’ve finally managed to summon the energy to finish this off so, without further ado; we’ve seen the very small now let’s look at something larger (not a cue for innuendo I assure you).

You may recall that way back in May of last year I showed you this Maulerfiend. Like a lot of Games Workshop’s kits it actually makes two models based off a single chassis – in this case a Maulerfiend and a Forgefiend. As it happens I managed to pick up said chassis in amongst some other bitz for a knockdown price and, by combining it with the leftovers from the original box and a few other bits and bobs, came up with this monster.

I’m really pleased to have added this one to the ranks at last. I love a spiky tank (and especially a possessed and mutated tank!) as much as the next heretic, but it’s the daemon engines which really set the Chaos Marines apart from their ancient rivals, the Space Marines. We’re more than just the Astartes with spikes, we’re a twisted, ten-thousand year old thing in itself. We reference the Emperor’s Finest from whom we grew but we are not them and models like this set that beyond any doubt.

Having said that I do have a doodle in my notebook of a Maulerfiend converted into a huge, ice-scarred iron wolf stamping out of the Fenrisian night, so in theory at least there is something for the loyalists here.

As always if you have thoughts I want to know about it. Make them known in the box below.

One With The Flies – Part 3

For my third set of Nurglings I wanted to use some of the fun little characters that often get a little lost in larger swarms. I also wanted to create a little scene that tied in with the character of the models themselves. Reading the background for the Nurglings in the codex I was reminded that they like to present gifts of dead animals, bones, fungi and so on to the more powerful daemons in the hope of gaining their attention and approval. The perfect place to do this, I reasoned, would be a Nurgling sized shrine which the little beasts would gather protectively around.nurgling-shrine-convert-or-die-2


nurgling-shrine-convert-or-die-3Here’s the whole swarm (as usual clicking makes it bigger).nurglings-convert-or-die-6For now I’m moving on to other projects but as they’ve been so much fun you can rest assured you’ll see more of these little imps at some point.

One With The Flies – Part 2

Did I not promise you more Nurglings? Did you truly doubt my beneficence? Then doubt no more!nurglings-convert-or-die-1


nurglings-convert-or-die-3I’m really getting into painting these little guys. As you’ll probably have noticed if you’re familiar with the kit I’ve not used both ‘stacks’ of Nurglings something which – although it makes each individual model smaller, makes for a larger and more impressive squad overall. It also lets you see all the individual Nurglings, revealing that each one is very much a character with a little bit of personality all of its own. The designers have clearly poured a lot of love into this element of the kit – yet its something that’s lost if assembled as intended.

At the moment there’s just one more on the painting desk but they’ve been such a fun little bit of post holiday entertainment I’m sure I’ll come back to them before long.

One With The Flies – Part 1

Happy New Year all! Let’s get 2016 rolling with some cheeky little Nurglings.

nurglings-convert-or-die-5And of course – as is always the case with Nurglings – wherever you see one you know that there will be plenty more nearby…