Regular readers will recall that I recently added a couple more Chaos Marines to Squad Abholos, the unit of troops at the core of my chaos army. This got me rather excited as it made me realise that my little squad had grown to a hefty seventeen members. Back when the current Chaos codex was released I was childishly overexcited to discover that squads of Chaos Marines could now be deployed twenty strong – not for any tactical or gameplay reasons but just because the image of a ravenous horde of power-armoured barbarians was too cool not to consider.

As it is I’d pretty much forgotten about the idea until now but with the squad so close to completion the time is now right to go for the twenty. In recognition of that goal, and because I’ve been wanting to add some special weapons to the squad (again for aesthetic rather than tactical reasons), here’s the latest addition.convert-or-die-chaos-marine-heavy-bolter-1




convert-or-die-chaos-marine-heavy-bolter-5This should also serve to offer a little hope to those who’ve looked through the expanse of bare plastic displayed over the last couple of weeks that I’ve not forgotten how to paint. Now I only need two more Chaos Marines to finish the squad – and they’re both part finished already. Who knows, if I concentrate it might actually come together before the new year…

7 responses to “Bulletbeast

  • imperialrebelork

    He looks great man. I really like your colour scheme it’s so ugly it’s cool if you know what I mean. That head is nasty looking. Where did it come from? Who/what will the next two models be?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers. I’m often asked about the colour scheme, a lot of people seem to really like it which is a nice compliment (and makes up somewhat for how damn hard it is to paint!) I realised recently that it’s almost the Black Legion scheme in negative (white where they are black, rusty metal where they are bright gold) and I suppose I picked it for similar reasons – it doesn’t tie the model to any particular god but with a few tweaks it can be made to work for any of them.

      The bonce comes from the Chaos Forsaken in Warhammer – a kit that is absolutely chock full of great parts but looks pants overall when assembled as intended (rather like the new Gaunt Summoner IMO).

      As for the next two – one of them is pretty much a standard Chaos Marine with a few minor tweaks, the other is altogether weirder…

  • Alex

    Nice one dude, roll on 20! That’ll be a sight to see…

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