Realm of Plagues – Part 1

You may recognise this chap. He’s popped up before in various guises. In fact for a while I wondered if he’d ever be finished, or would just keep evolving, appearing on the blog again and again as I added a tentacle here, a pustule there, until in the end he was unrecognisable and spawnlike. With an effort, however, I controlled myself and forced the project to some kind of orderly conclusion.


Nurgle Terminator (1)Nurgle Terminator (5)Nurgle Terminator (6)Nurgle Terminator (2)Nurgle Terminator (4)Nurgle Terminator (3)

Now of course he’s going to need some battle-brothers but I’m feeling quite excited about this project again and I’ve already got a few ideas in mind. Watch this space!

14 responses to “Realm of Plagues – Part 1


    Looking good! Really nice work on the metallics, the rust effects are brilliantly done.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I’m rarely as happy as when I’m painting rust (hence my predilection towards Chaos, Orks, Vampire Counts, Skaven, etc – those poor High Elves never got a look in!)

  • krautscientist

    While the model may have taken a while to finish, I think you’ve come up with an excellent sense of balance in the end: He’s as Nurgly as he should be. The subtle sense of motion is also rather nice. Quite an excellent little piece!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! 🙂 Have to admit getting the feeling of motion in there is something I’m particularly pleased with – I think with Nurgle you don’t want the model to appear too active or dynamic but it’s easy to go too far the other way and end up with a model that looks static. Hopefully this time I’ve got the balance just right.

  • Alex

    Yep – done is done. Cracking job dude, he’s spot on!

  • imperialrebelork

    Just looking at him makes me feel like I’ve got to go and get a tetnis shot! He looks very cool. You definitely have a very distinctive style mate.

  • Marcelo Nunes

    i think the best part of your nurgle models is the paintjob, and I lot of inspiration from it. This one is no exception.

  • imperialrebelork

    Hello Sir. Are the pustule lumpy things made from Green stuff?

    • Wudugast

      How did you know about the pustule, lumpy things? Anyway the doctor says if I use this cream it’ll clear right up… Oh, you mean on the miniature, right… Ahem, depends which lumps you mean. The distended gut and the growth/cable/thing on the leg is greenstuff, so are the skulls. The crumbling armour is agrellan earth paint, applied to the bare plastic before painting begins. Then basecoat over it to seal it in (spray works best here so you don’t damage it with the brush – it’s pretty fragile at that stage) then paint as normal.

      I actually really enjoy greenstuffing nasty guts onto Nurgle models, in fact there’s another terminator waiting for paint which I really should get on with before the new Death Guard arrive.

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