Mouth for War

So, with all the attention Khorne’s been getting lately, it might seem that I’ve been stubbornly looking the other way and saving all my lovin’ for Nurgle. However that’s not quite true. My excitement about the new followers of the Blood God, some of which are simply excellent (others less so – I’m looking at you Anvil-Guy!) led me to crack on and get my Khornate Dark Apostle finished.
Here he is, ready to consecrate the skulls reaped in the War-God’s name. For those interested in finding out a little more about his origins as an unassuming lump of grey plastic the place you need to go is here.





Continuing the Khornate theme I’ve also started work on the flailing monster that is my contribution to #DreadTober (for the full story click here or head over to the main site for a feast of creative inspiration). So far he’s just had the first few coats and washes applied to the flesh areas although since I took these pictures I’ve started on the process of tidying up ready to fill in the metal. To my eye he looks distinctly rough and ready but I’m no fan of showing my own WIP shots to begin with!


As usual any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially on the Helbrute (and do speak now or forever hold your peace – we’ve only got until the end of the month to get this bad-boy wrapped up!)

18 responses to “Mouth for War

  • SheepDip

    I like that hellbrute. As you say, he’s in the rough, but he’s got a lot of potential.

  • Alex

    Very cool mate, that ‘brute is coming on a treat! Love the Dark Apostle, interesting that you’ve avoided the usual red’n’brass aproach – looks great!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – glad you like them 🙂

      Yeah, when I first got into this hobby I thought (in what I probably imagined was some devilishly rebellious manner but was actually just lingering vestiges of teenage hubris) that cohesive colour schemes were for unimaginative wusses. Obviously since then I’ve changed my mind and with Chaos especially I think it does a lot to tie an army together and avoids them turning into a crazy mish-mash. Of course, that then calls for a fairly neutral scheme – something that works for Khorne is going to look pretty funky on Nurgle for example. Hence my decision not to go for a traditional red and brass look for the Khorne crowd.

      However (here’s where it gets complicated) I just picked up Kharn (really wanted to paint him years ago when disposable income was scarce – realised recently that I’ve still never painted him even though I’m now an adult and disposable income is… still scarce actually). The question is; do I paint him red and brass or do I paint him to match the rest of my collection? Or some kind of compromise/combination of the two? (These are things I worry over when I’m supposed to be working!)

  • Thomas

    I feel you; I’m not a fan of posting paint in progress. My thought is that it does really give the viewer that much looking at it. Conversion WIP is much more interesting. But looking at you helbrute pics makes me rethink my point of view. It’s actually quite rewarding looking at your work at this stage. It makes it possible to trace your palette so to speak.

    • Thomas

      … Does not really give that much…

      • Wudugast

        Well, if it’s rewarding for you then that’s the key thing really – I already know what it looks like part done 😉 For myself I enjoying seeing other people’s paint-in-progress shots, but usually I only get something out of them if, as you say, I can trace their pallet and painting technique and learn something from it. If you and others can do that with my work then I’m complimented and it makes it worthwhile.

  • imperialrebelork

    Very cool. What head is that on the first model? He looks fearsome mate.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! The head’s from the warhammer chaos warriors – its the unit champion’s head. I’ve always wanted to use it on a Khornate character and I just thought it really fitted the Dark Apostle. I think it ties him in with the Space Marine Chaplains which I imagine this guy would be more similar to than other Dark Apostles, getting stuck in to the thick of the fray and inspiring by example rather than preaching to the masses (plus I was reading about the World Eaters Chaplains in Slaves to Darkness and thought ‘I want one of them’!)

  • greggles

    Helbrute is looking so flipping awesome. I love how the flesh looks already!

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