Warrior Herd

A while ago I showed a few beastmen I’d converted to bolster the ranks of my Khorne worshipping horde. Some of you may have assumed that I’d forgotten about my beastmen but I can assure you I had not. Perhaps I didn’t throw captives into the feeding pens quite as often as I should have, but they were always on my mind.

Let’s take a look at the latest additions.

Beastman Chaos 40k Wudugast (1)Beastman Chaos 40k Wudugast (2)Beastman Chaos 40k Wudugast (3)Beastman Chaos 40k Wudugast (4)Beastman Chaos 40k Wudugast (5)

When I first built this next model I armed him with a gun, planning to bring a little firepower to the squad (although I’m not convinced that marksmanship comes naturally to a beastman). To be honest though he looked a little awkward – even more so in fact than a goat with a gun normally does. Here’s an early WIP shot to show you what I mean.



Realising I wasn’t happy with the look of the model I removed the gun, intending to replace it with something else. However as soon as I saw him without it I realised how much he looked like a martial artist or boxer of some kind. As an aside – and I may be quite wrong here – but wasn’t there a computer game at one time that featured beastmen or satyrs that were marital artists? Anyone else remember it?

This also drew my attention to the fact that martial arts in general just isn’t represented in 40k (or in wherever the hell Warhammer is set now). Admittedly storming out into a world of daemons, eight-foot tall power-armoured psychopaths and titanic god-machines armed only with your fists represents a distinct lack of practicality (although fair play to you if you give it a shot) but practicality has never been big news in the 41st Millennium anyway. I’m also open to admitting that if one wished to bring more martial arts into 40k then beastmen probably wouldn’t be the best place to start  – although anyone who’s seen an ibex climbing a near-sheer wall will agree their pretty nifty on their hooves. Anyway, this is me digressing.

I also went back to this model which I built almost a year ago now.
Truth be told I’ve never been all that happy with the gun he carried (why didn’t any of you tell me it was awful!) so I’ve removed it as well, which I feel has improved the model considerably. Take a look:

And here’s the whole pack so far.


Sadly beastmen are no longer to be found in the Lost and the Damned forcelist (presumably the idea is that any beastmen squads that fans have converted can be fielded as mutant rabbles) but I think this is a great shame and have stuck resolutely to the old ways (so stubborn am I that a job as a dwarf may be mine for the asking). It seems a small thing but I’d have loved to see beastmen not only incorporated into the new list but actually expanded upon in the same style as the Ogren Brutes. The old rules allowed for Khorne worshipping Bloodgors, but what about bringing back Pestigors, Tzaangors and whatever the ones who worshipped Slaanesh were called). Of course in this age of Harlequins and Skitarii anything is theoretically possible but sadly the revival of beastmen in 40k remains in particular doubt.
Anyway, as well as getting those two painted up I also kitbashed a couple more.


I also made this packmaster to lead them to slaughter.


As you can seen he’s just torn the head from a loyalist space marine in a display of brute strength that will presumably send his herd mates into a frenzy of blood-thirsty braying. The question I have for you is; which Chapter did that space marine belong to? Give me your suggestions (and the reasons why) – whichever I judge to be the best answer is the one I’ll use. Other good answers will undoubtedly get used on other models throughout the collection – every chaos marine worth his salt knows a loyalist head looks good amongst his trophies or on his base.


13 responses to “Warrior Herd

  • technasma

    The wrack arms on the beastman body looks awesome – nice kitbash!

  • Alex

    Super-cool mate, love these guys to bits – especially drunken monkey boxer 😜 I’d go with an UltraSmurf lid – by far the most annoying chapter as far as I’m concerned. He almost certainly deserved it for being smug…

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, I’ve got a feeling the Ultras might yet again prove to be the chapter everyone loves to hate. They’re just so damn self-righteous all the time and seem to epitomise the traits of being good soldiers, hide-bound loyalty and unquestioning resolve. I want flaws dammit! If they were Imperial Guard then their frailty in the face of a hostile galaxy might give them a greater moral depth – or at least an element of tragedy and pathos – but their superhuman status renders that moot. It’s easy to be stoic in the face of horror when you’re eight-foot tall and wearing power-armour. Pity the poor guardsman who’s out there in his underpants and armed only with his lucky pointy stick.

      Maybe I’m being harsh on them though, I’m looking forward to sitting down with Forge World’s Horus Heresy 5 at some point and seeing what they make of their background, they certainly have a knack of adding depth and complexity to the story of the legions.

      • Alex

        Oh, I’m all in favour of hidebound loyalty and unquestioning resolve… Someone just needs to tell them that there’s no need to be such colossal dorks about it though, eh 😜

      • Wudugast

        Right then, this post has been up for a couple of weeks now and no-one has challenged your anti-Ultramarine stance. To be honest I thought someone would be along to slag off the Dark Angels (dodgy traitors), Grey Knights (arrogant ‘never fall to chaos’ stance) or even the Imperial Fists (slightly silly name). Anyway, nobody did so Ultramarine bonce it is!

  • imperialrebelork

    These look great. I don’t know much about beast men. What is the bright red thing on the first models shoulder?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂
      In 40k there used to be lots of beastmen, both as an abhuman race within the Imperium (you still sometimes see them in Imperial Guard armies) and also as slave-creatures/cultists in chaos forces. At one time there were four distinct ‘races’ – one for each of the gods – but now they don’t get much screen time at all. The novel Talon of Horus by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (recommended by the way) includes a beastman overseer though so they’re not entirely forgotten about.

      As for the red thing it’s actually a dark-eldar component, I just figured it would add a sci-fi aspect to what is otherwise a fairly ‘fantasy looking’ model. My idea is that it’s some kind of injector for combat drugs to drive the beastman into a greater killing frenzy (these are khorne-worshipping bloodgores after all). It doesn’t convey anything rules-wise though – it’s just for looks.

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha I like your idea on the drug thing, not that I endorse drug use in the real world hehe. I thought it may have been a Blood vile or something. I must admit until your small synopsis on Beastmen I had no real interest in them. My eyes have now been opened.

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  • Luke

    Those are some incredible conversion jobs. Kudos!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks very much 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting back to them a lot lately, hopefully soon I’ll get myself in gear to finish the rest of the herd.

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