The Hunter

This kit bash is pretty old. It pre-dates the Kadetheron 13th (my traitor guard) by a considerable time, it may even pre-date the Beasts of Ruin altogether. Like the ogrens I showed recently it’s been through various incarnations and like them I wanted to use the opportunity of working on my traitor guard to finally get it finished. chaos-sentinel-convert-or-die-6 I’ve always thought sentinels were really nice miniatures, full of sci-fi character. Of course they don’t actually do anything that a genehanced scout or servitor-piloted drone couldn’t do better but every Imperial commander knows that sentinels have been part of their arsenal for ten thousand years and nothing is going to make them change now. And of course every follower of the ruinous powers knows that if the servants of the Corpse God have something they should steal it and stick spikes on it. chaos-sentinel-convert-or-die-1





6 responses to “The Hunter

  • Alex

    Very nice mate – it’s a cool kit for sure, and I love your ‘stick spikes on it’ appropriation!

  • Arkhangelsk

    If it wasn’t an obvious guess, I love the sentinel, great conversion using the cultist in there. Was it hard to cut him up and place him in? Where did the Chaos Shield come from on the side there?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Actually cutting the cultist up was no trouble at all, he already came in two parts; a lower torso and legs and an upper torso with the head. I’d already used the lower part for a different conversion (what exactly escapes me at the moment) so it was just a case of sitting the upper torso into the pilot’s seat in the sentinel and using a little greenstuff to create the impression of the rest of the body.
      The chaos shield comes from the Warhammer marauders kit. I’m not a big fan of the marauders but the shields are really useful as icons.

  • imperialrebelork

    Really cool. I’ve only just started learning rust look painting techniques and looking at this model makes me feel like I have a long way to go before I master it hehe.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! Have no fear of rust, mastering it is easy! It’s the ultimate example of the messier you make it the better it looks so throw out everything you know about being neat. Also if you use the citadel paint range then they do a lot of the work for you, especially with the special effects paints like Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust (I promise they’re not paying me to advertise their special effects paints but I wish they would – I’m already doing it for free anyway!). Get some grubby washes into the cracks and think about how the rust is going to form. Build up some browns and oranges on the grubbiest areas, then drybrush on some bright, almost silvery metal wherever use might lead to the metal getting rubbed down. Hope that helps with your rust experiments 🙂

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