Heretic Oath


Just found this guy whilst sorting out some stuff. Not sure what I originally had planned for him but whatever it was he fell out of favour and off the radar, and ended up in a box. Having serendipitously rediscovered him I decided to finish him off and add him to my traitor guard. He didn’t need much work, just a few details and finishing off the base – in fact it probably took me less than quarter of an hour to finish him, which makes his sojourn in the box a little shameful.

Quite pleased with how neatly the flagellant lower body fits to the traitor guard torso, which gives me some ideas for the champion in my Renegade Infantry squad.convert-or-die-chaos-faith-keeper-2I’m thinking he might represent some kind of preacher or faith-keeper, encouraging the fractious masses with litanies of hatred and despair. I intended the scrap of parchment in his hand to be a page torn from some unholy book but now I wonder if it might actually be crib-notes, written then cast aside by some arrogant Dark Apostle, then found and recycled by his lowly counterpart amongst the traitor guard. And if his words don’t sway the troops with the inevitability of the primordial truth then perhaps the sight of the severed head of the last fool to waste his time (perhaps by suggesting they retreat) should do the business?convert-or-die-chaos-faith-keeper-3Look at him; needs a rebreather just to survive the hellish death-worlds his masters enjoy, still doesn’t wear shoes. Hardcore!

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