Hammer of the Gods – Part 2

Just a quick update, as promised, here’s the Bone ‘ead for my renegade Ogren squad. And yes, I know there’s no Bone ‘eads in Imperial Armour 13, I just don’t like leaving my Ogrens without someone in charge!traitor-guard-convert-or-die-traitors-27





As you can see, he’s considerably bigger than the others. Never mind eh – at least he looks like the boss!traitor-guard-convert-or-die-traitors-26

12 responses to “Hammer of the Gods – Part 2

  • Alex

    Cool! They look great as a unit dude – very nicely done 🙂

  • Payce

    Love the helmet. These are brilliant.

  • Arkhangelsk

    Looking great, what is his helmet from?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! The helmet is from the gunner from the Ogres Ironblaster (last chance to call them Ogres – tomorrow they’ll turn into Oh-Grrrss or something odd, new and confusing for crusties like me…)

      • Arkhangelsk

        Haha yeah. Having not played fantasy but just played the demo box of age of sigmar an hour ago, yeah its.. Different. I can see why fantasy players will flip tables. I think it’s going to be a stop gap and in 6th months time there will be a new fantasy release as we know it. I enjoyed what I played, as Chaos it was heaps of fun. Khorne is khorne and the models are great. There will be some more khorne deamonkin running around for me I think. Not sure if I can get into it.

      • Wudugast

        Same for me I think, and the Sigmarites could make amazing Space Marines (he says, damning himself in the eyes of every Fantasy player ever!) Think you might be right that a larger scale game similar to Warhammer might exist somewhere in the future once AoS has built interest in the setting. They certainly wouldn’t want to release the two too close together, each would tend to eclipse the other. Whereas once they were both established one would seem to complement the other.

      • Arkhangelsk

        Yeah, well the end times was a huge draw not even 6 months ago and that’s all been washed away with AoS. And with rules like talking to your models for re rolls, who knows what GW is up too lmao. Ah fantasy models are great for conversions, created a Chaos knight when the IK were first released by using a mutalisk or something.. The thing with the tentacle mouth, and robed cultists out of wood elfs. Luna, my partner, has used the aos mini in the white dwarf to make a Space Marine unit which is looking good, that will be posted up tomorrow.
        What converts do you think you can get out of the aos models? Relictor looks cool but the others on Sigi’s side look eh. They pale in comparison to the khorne ones. As for khorne, Looking forward to seeing what Kraut and his eternal hunt cook up for them.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I’m very interested to see what the talented people of the internet come up with here – I think these kits could be a great source for conversions. Off the top of my head the Blood Warriors could become Chosen of Khorne, the Bloodsecrator (such a stupid name) a Dark Apostle of Khorne and the Lord of Khorne could (obviously) become a Lord of Khorne or, with a bit more effort, an amazing Space Wolf lord. The big spawn guy is interesting too, either as a Chaos Spawn – although he’s almost too cool for that – or, with a bit more kitbashing, an amazing Helbrute. I’m still trying to judge the size of the Bloodreavers, depending on how big they are they could make for particularly feral cultists or even berserkers. I’m still not sure how open to kitbashing they are but even if it’s just a case of head and weapon swaps it should be easy enough to lift them into the 41st Millennium. The Bloodstoker (still working out the names but I think that’s the guy with the whip) calls for a bit more thought because he doesn’t have an immediate 40k analogue. However I have been considering making a pair of Chaos Kastelan robots (inspired by seeing this beast by KrautScientist https://eternalhunt.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/toll-the-great-bell-thrice-my-first-experiments-with-the-new-admech-kits/ ). If I do go down that road this guy suddenly becomes perfect as a datasmith.
        As for the rules I’ll admit they look a bit odd at first glance but it’s really all in the way they’re phrased. I suspect it’s been done that way specifically to put off highly competitive players (who’re clearly not the target market for this game). It forces players to do silly things in exchange for in game rewards which, from experience, makes it next to impossible to take things too seriously. Settra’s kneeling rule is particularly amusing I think – at first glance it seems pretty pointless but imagine what’s going to happen the first time the dice end up under the bookshelf. So far the only rule I’ve seen that really doesn’t work for me is the business of giving every Orc unit bonuses for shouting WAAAARGH! all the time. If not a single store-owner cracks and heads to Nottingham with violence in his heart I’ll be amazed.
        The ‘no points’ issue is pretty interesting as well – but I’m waiting to see how it’s working once people get used to it. If it works though it’s revolutionary. If it doesn’t it was idiocy!

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