Anarchy Shall Be This Age’s King

To my mind traitor guard – that is to say rebel Imperial Guard regiments – are as much a part of Chaos in the 41st Millennium as daemons or Chaos Marines. Sure, the Chaos Marines can inflict a lot of damage by themselves and when it comes to teleporting into an Imperial Governor’s palace and butchering the command staff or cracking open a Mechanicum void-station in hard vacuum, why they’re the very men for the job. However, if one has launched a full scale Black Crusade there’s simply no way one can do all the killing by one’s self (no matter how much one might want to – followers of Khorne I’m looking at you here). Summoning great armies of daemons is always useful of course, although they strike me as being somewhat flaky allies, prone to sudden acts of mad treachery when you suddenly discover you were simply a pawn in the great game and their actual aim was to conjure up a great cathedral of crystal and sorrow or something equally weird. Almost as bad one can conjure up a whole legion of them, only for the whole lot to be banished screaming back into the warp by an elderly inquisitor who knows their master’s real name. Not to say they aren’t useful but sometimes the situation calls for boots on the ground, and when it comes to trudging through trench-lines and being massacred by the thousand no-one does it better than the Guard.

Thus once a Chaos force reaches a certain size a regiment of traitor guard seems like a natural progression. This is no longer a piratical strike-force but a campaigning, crusading army. It has outgrown looting for petty gain or ransacking cities in the name of the Gods. Now they’re properly empire-building. Imperial worlds burn in their wake. Just as the Imperium isn’t all about the Space Marines but relies on vast armies of common soldiers to do the bulk of the work, so too must their dark opponents turn to the ranks of cannon fodder to be in all the places that they cannot.

I’ve been plotting to muster a horde (or at least a few) traitor guardsmen of my own for a while and at last I’ve got round to painting a few.traitor-guard-convert-or-die-traitors-15





traitor-guard-convert-or-die-traitors-25When I started I was planning to base this collection round a mixture of the Imperial Guard (later Astra Militarum) codex, plus units from the Siege of Vrax books. Then along came Imperial Armour 13 and, having finally got a look at it recently, I liked what I saw enough to make it the cornerstone of the force instead.
I built these next two traitors before I saw IA13, and originally planned them to be part of a special weapons squads, but I reckon they’ll fit in with the others just nicely.traitor-guard-convert-or-die-traitors-3








I also planned a squad of Wyrdvane Psykers, no longer shackled by the oppressive rule of the Imperium and allowed to disport themselves with the fickle power of the Warp as nature intended. So far I’ve only got this one built but I’m rather pleased with him, so there should be more soon.convert-or-die-psyker_1_


So, what do you think? Should I have reported my mutant powers to my superior officer and accepted whatever castigation was my due, or was I right to murder my commissar and carve an eight-pointed star on my flak armour? As ever, rally to my cause or demand retribution in the comment box below.

9 responses to “Anarchy Shall Be This Age’s King

  • Alex

    I like the look of these mate – where did the heads come from? The psyker looks gloriously bonkers btw 🙂

    How big you gonna go with this hoard’o’guard???

    • Wudugast

      Well in my mind’s eye I see thousands of Chaos Marines, tens of thousands of guardsmen, hundreds of thousands of filthy mutant slaves, numberless choirs of daemons screaming to be released from the Warp. Ahead countless fortresses to storm; behind countless planets burning in my wake.
      In reality I’ll be happy to get this squad up to ten men, plus some ogrens, pyskers, etc. Then we’ll see where we go from there 🙂
      The heads are either from the Forge World Traitors kit or the Dark Elf Sisters of Slaughter. Can’t remember where I got the psyker’s head from, probably a beastmen trophy.

      • Alex

        Lol – you forgot about the fleets of starships, and all the masses of tanks & titans! *sigh*… be nice, wouldn’t it? Looking forward to seeing this spin-off develop mate 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    I… Am… Lost… For words!

    Brilliant models. Paint scheme is cool. They literally look traitorish haha.

    My rebels have nothing to do with Chaos. Long fluffy story but their leader was basically wronged and took off with some of his guardsman buddies. They started their own exclusive club. Haha. I call them The Lost Centurions. A bit wanky I know but it makes me happy hehe.

    Awesome work and great blog mate!!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers again for the compliments! Don’t worry about your ideas being pretentious – I could say the same about my own ideas and I’m sure everyone else reading this could too.

      My own Space Marine chapter (loyalist rather than chaos) are also ‘rebels’ after a fashion. In that in the background I came up with for them they recognised their doom and the stain on their honour that came about from the sundering of their chapter through the treachery of their Chaos serving brothers. Knowing that they could never rebuild they instead chose to face their extinction with honour, pursuing the traitors in one final vengeful crusade. To be honest I’ve not done anything with them in quite a while, and many of the conversions I had planned have yet to come about, but they’re still there in the back of my mind, waiting for their moment in the spotlight once again.

      At the end of the day if an idea is inspiring and you like it then go for it. Where would we be now if the creators of 40k had explained their idea to their mates and been told “Ten thousand year old dead emperor? The fall of Rome set in space? Four nasty gods in some oogy-boogy alternate dimension out to enslave humanity? That all sounds a bit wanky to me mate”?

      • imperialrebelork

        Hahaha. That’s true! Reminds me of what I tell my kids when they don’t want to try new foods. I tell them that once upon a time some dude sliced off a piece of pigs bottom and cooked it up and ate it. MAD!! BuTT if he hadn’t of done that we wouldn’t have bacon today. They laugh… at me… but then try the new foods.

  • Peters

    I was searching the web for inspiration for cultists/traitor guard I am painting and came across this. Love the look of the grimy armor plates and just overall dreariness of this paint scheme. What paints were you using and what was your technique?

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I’ll admit that it was 6 years ago (gulp – where does the time go?!) so my memories of exactly how I painted these are a little sketchy but I’ll do my best. I used GW paints, and focussed on dark, organic, earthy colours. However I made sure to include some brighter splashes of colour (the pale masks, the yellow cables etc) to make things pop a little and highlight how grubby and muddy everything is rather than just having it look like – well, mud. For the pale masks I would have used Ushabti Bone, then a wash of Agrax Earthshade, then more Ushabti Bone and a highlight of Screaming Skull. For the jackets I’m thinking Rhinox Hide, then Mournfang Brown, then highlight with Scrag Brown. For the trousers Skavenblight Dinge, then Stormvermin Fur, then Baneblade Brown. I applied patches of Typhus Corrosion and Agrellan Earth to the metal work before painting it, then added some Firedragon Bright afterwards for the rust. Everything, especially the metalwork would have had a shade of Agrax Earthshade and/or Nuln Oil. Hope that helps – traitor guard are a real joy to make and collect (in fact I really ought to do some more).

      • Peters

        That’s amazing, thank you. Literally just looked at the time stamp and holy crap, it was 6 years ago… appreciate the reply!

        Yeah, I just picked up some old forge world traitor guard torsos and I have a bunch of guardsmen that I’ll take apart. Didn’t want to just paint them in traditional guard colours, want them to be as grimy as hell. I know painting is a personal thing, just don’t have the confidence yet to try something that’s not laid out step by step in the GW way lol. I’ll get their soon hopefully.

        if you end up working on more, would love to see the outcome

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