Big Mouth Strikes Again (Again)

Recently I uploaded pictures of my Nurgle Dark Apostle, Aghkam Poxspeaker. Straight away several people pointed out what should have been obvious, that’d I’d been rather hasty in calling him done when his hideous gaping mouth offered such a good opportunity to go wild with disgusting special effects. They were right of course so I took him back to the painting desk. Here’s a quick before and after showing the transformation.

Nurgle Dark ApostleNurgle Dark ApostleBig improvement right? However his story doesn’t end there. Laertes pointed out that he’d look even better with strings of disgusting drool in his mouth (clearly, when it comes to Nurgle, better is a subjective term). Ann Wycoff and KrautScientist backed him up and faced with such a united response – and a damn good suggestion to boot – I had no choice but to return to the painting desk for a third round.

I’ll confess I was actually terrified of this. On the one hand I really want people to get involved with this blog, to chip in their ideas, to discuss and share our thoughts in a wonderfully creative, circle-of-life kind of way. Plus I love trying out new things and this was definitely a new thing to me. On the other hand I was (and am) rather proud of the model to begin with and didn’t really want to mess it up by trying out a new technique that I knew next to nothing about it. Still, the suggestion was just too good not to use. Let’s take a look at what I ended up with.
Nurgle Dark Apostle
Nurgle Dark Apostle
The effect turned out to be fairly simple to create once I got my head round it. A couple of fine hairs (trimmed from a paint brush) were placed in the mouth and stuck down (carefully – steady hands and nerves of steel here) with a dab of PVA. Having spent so much time removing errant hairs and bits of dust from miniatures this was a change of pace, but I got there. Then I just applied a few coats of PVA, letting each one dry onto the hairs until I had something that looked like strings of disgusting drool. The final stage was a quick coat of Nurgle’s Rot to create a suitably diseased effect, and the job was done. Hideous! Thanks again all, I never would have tried it without you!

13 responses to “Big Mouth Strikes Again (Again)

  • Evan D'Alessandro

    Great work, and the finished effect is really gross! I find that wood glue makes great rot, because it has a yellowish tint. Thanks for sharing with us all.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂 wood glue is a good idea, I might give it a try at some point. For this one I wanted maximum control because I was working in such a small space, and at the moment I’m hooked on using Nurgle’s Rot, it makes for some awesomely disgusting effects!

  • Teselación

    Hmm… Like venom drops? Nice mouth detailing… Not sure about the drops? They are kind of distracting. Think because they don’t fall straight. Not a fan of the fishing-line technique for drops. What I would do, and found that works nice; get a lighter a pair of pincers and play with some melted plastics, pinching to get the splatter as long as you want… re-heating to round up cuts if you make them. When satisfied, glue and paint. If working with an already translucent material you skip painting if the thing is not burnt. Or that artificial water mixed with pigment… Seen even better stuff with that, but never used it myself. Totally dig the mini, though! Just a like it better on stage 2 than 3…? Sorry if uncalled.

    • Wudugast

      No worries – all comments and criticisms are welcome here 🙂 I see what you mean about the drops, but I’m still glad I added them, it was fun to push myself and pick up a new skill. Plus I think it looks bad-ass and that’s what counts! :-p
      Good tip on the melted plastic, might give that a shot at some stage (I like trying new techniques!)
      Incidentally the ‘non vertical’ drips was a conscious decision, I tried to create the effect of strings of drool forming as the jaw opened rather than falling under gravity (yes, I thought about drool too much!)

  • ejhenries

    Awesome work bud. I know how you feel about working on a model that is for all intents and purpose done. I think you’re extra effort here really payed off though. Have an ace one.

  • Alex

    I love this mini, he’s one of your best imo. Respect for having the balls to revisit it mate, I’d be way to scared to tinker with a ‘done deal’ like that! Have to say, I’m with Tes on the venom drops though… I preferred number 2 to number 3 :-/

    • Wudugast

      A good friend of mine, who was one of the people who got me into the hobby to begin with, told me ‘no-one can tell you if a model is done or not. Stop when you’re happy with it, if you want to go back and add to it later then you can’. It’s been the salvation of models I thought were ace but which, after a few months on the shelf, and with a more experienced eye, proved to be merely adequate – perhaps even pants. As for this guy I’m definitely leaving him alone for a while – trying anything else at the moment would be pushing my luck! As it is I’m still pleased with the venom drops but who can say, maybe in a month or two I’ll come back to him 🙂

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