Architect of Destruction

‘Shackle the soul and forge the flesh. Bind the machine and butcher the rest’

(Codex: Chaos Space Marines)

 Ladies and gentlemen allow me introduce my Warpsmith, Sheb-Teth the Soul Feaster!


I actually really like this model. Fair enough its incredibly fiddly to put together and its impressive collection of appendages has been the subject of many hentai themed double-entendres (insert your own here). However for me personally the biggest problem I had was drawing the viewer’s gaze to the head. ‘Faces and bases’ is a rule I try to stick to (i.e. the two most important elements of a miniature to get right if you want it to stand out are the face and the base, the former because that’s where people naturally look to begin with, the latter because many people don’t bother). On the warpsmith however it’s easy for the head to be overwhelmed by the halo of tentacles that surrounds it. It also makes taking half-decent photos of it almost impossible as the camera has a tendency to focus on random mechatendrils rather than the core of the model itself but I persevered.





The model’s pose certainly adds a great deal to his character, his overweening arrogance and command coming through in his challenging stance, chin out, axe held high. I imagine him being locked in a battle of wills with my Chaos Lord Kallamoon Kell, neither confidently the master of the other but requiring an alliance… for now. It’s the exploration of these minor conflicts and divergent personalities that I find not only feeds my interest in an army but also inspires new ideas to explore and develop. How long will Sheb-Teth be willing to serve, dedicating his prodigious talents to building war machines for another? Yet what form might his rebellion take? What weapons should he craft to stage his inevitable coup? With all the attention the Mechanicum have been getting lately I’d love to put together a few dark Skitarri, mutant servitors or thrall tech-priests to aid Sheb-Teth in his work. I’d also love to build a rival Warpsmith, someone with whom Sheb-Teth would lock horns in a vicious battle of professional competitiveness, each striving to outdo the other and all the while distracted from Kell’s throne.

All that will have to wait until time allows however. In the meantime though I have just finished my Maulerfiend so expect to see him shortly (as soon as I’ve got some pictures!)

5 responses to “Architect of Destruction

  • Ann Wycoff

    Yes, he’s a pretty cool model. I’m not much with a camera and I have the same problem with some of my models sometimes — if one part is in focus then the other part is. That is probably because I take most of my pictures with my cell phone.

    Can’t wait to see your maulerfiend. I’m working on putting one together myself now that I’ve had sitting around for quite a long time.

    • Wudugast

      Photographing miniatures is, I reckon, the hardest part of this whole miniatures blogging malarkey. In fact it actually put me off for quite a while. I actually really enjoy photography but miniatures are a whole other ballgame, quite unlike other small things like flowers. Getting a flashgun made a huge difference but I still spend a lot of time muttering and swearing at the camera. I’d like to be more egalitarian and promote using something like a cellphone camera that’s easily available to everyone but I’ve never got the knack of it myself (frustratingly because in many respects my phone matches my camera easily, but never mind). There are some good tutorials out there though which are worth looking at (and for the record I’ve always thought the photography on your blog was just fine). Looking forward to seeing your maulerfiend 🙂

      • Ann Wycoff

        Yes, it isn’t easy. Thank you very much. I try not to worry about it when my photographs don’t come out quite as nicely as I’d like. After all, this miniatures blogging thing is just an amusing hobby. Still, occasionally the Dark Gods will smile upon me (though I think Khorne wants me to smash my cell phone) and rarely a picture will come out that actually looks better than the model does on the table top.

        My maulerfiend is coming along slowly. I’ve gotten it mostly put together though he has yet to enter the painting queue. A lot of guys ahead of him unfortunately, but he’ll get done eventually. Trapped daemons may not be patience by nature, but we’ll force them to learn it. Either that or just make them angrier, which is fine too!

  • Alex

    Nice job dude, and what a mini. It took me a while to figure out exactly what is going on there… so many appendages & stunning detail! I bet he’s fun to transport…

    Interesting thoughts on the photography… I rely on my very old phone camera for pics at the mo – it’s flattering 😀

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Did I mention that being resin he’s fairly brittle? He travels with great care and much packaging I can assure you!
      For the record, I always thought the photography on your blog was pretty solid so it shows that a camera phone can do the business nicely.

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