Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day

After all the Nurgle in the last post I reckon it’s time for a little break from the bells and bowels (but don’t worry there’s more on the way – my pact with the God of Life and Death remains strong!). In the meantime though, here’s a model that’s been sitting on my painting desk for far too long waiting for me to get around to finishing him off. Noise Marine I’ve always wanted my Black Crusade to take in the supporters of all four gods, yet up to this point I’ve ended up with a primarily Nurgly/Khornate force (plus a large undivided contingent). Mostly this is because Nurgle and Khorne have some unbelievably amazing models whilst Slaanesh and Tzeentch are a little lacking. This isn’t to repeat the rants that many people have had already about this imbalance, rather I see the treatment of Khorne and Nurgle as a positive sign and hope that someday we’ll see their brother gods fleshed out in the same way. In the meantime though I’ve found myself making several abortive attempts to add some converted Noise Marines to my collection in the stead of the lacklustre official models. This chap, however, represents the first time I’ve actually been happy with the result. Noise MarineNoise Marine When making the rest of the squad I’m not sure if I’ll continue using the Dark Eldar torsos – although I’m pleased with the result it took a lot of fiddling around with greenstuff to cover the gaps that resulted from the slimness of his torso compared to the larger space marine parts. Again as I’ve got various other projects on my desk at the moment I won’t be doing anything with them for a while so I’ve got plenty of time to think about it. Noise MarineNoise Marine Having finished the Noise Marine I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off this chap as well (although how much he deserves to be ‘shown off’ is debatable). He’s an early conversion from a time when my untamed imagination rather overreached my meagre skill and the result, although containing (in my opinion) some gems, rather fell short. I’ve picked him up a few times over the years, tweaking him here and there to make improvements but I doubt he’ll ever form a part of the finished Noise Marine squad. Take a look: Noise Marine I’m still quite pleased with the blastmaster and the head (a fairly new addition replacing the frankly awful old one), but somehow it doesn’t quite work as a cohesive whole. Never mind, I’m fond of him all the same. Noise ChampionNoise ChampionNoise Championnull Anyway, as usual any comments on how I could improve things for the rest of the squad are more than welcome in the box below (but don’t give me abuse – as a new convert of Slaanesh I’ll only enjoy it!) More Nurgly guts soon!

6 responses to “Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day

  • bigbossredskullz

    These are awesome. Really fan of your palette.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate! Was aiming for just the right blend of gaudy and abused. Obviously the followers of Slaanesh would never be seen dead in the rusty armour preferred by Nurgle’s crowd, or rocking the blood-spattered look that Khorne goes for. On the other hand their slaves are too busy with other things to be polishing their armour (polishing their weaponry instead – snarf snarf). Anyway, glad you liked it 🙂

  • Evan D'Alessandro

    That first mini is the perfect blend of rust, filth, and colour, thanks for posting.

    • Wudugast

      High praise – thanks! It took a lot of consideration to get the Slaanesh blend spot on, early attempts proving to be pretty rubbish in retrospect (the second miniature I posted being one of the better efforts!) Now let’s see if I can actually repeat it on the rest of the squad…

  • Laertes

    I love the concept of a blastmaster with a daemonic amplifier for his timpany, it immediately evokes images of a reality distorted by strong and wicked soundwaves. I just think the model could have worked better if he had the timpani on the front (probably on a support structure, on a bigger base) and was modelled in the act of playing them.

    Good job, though!

    • Wudugast

      Truth be told I still really like that model, in spite of his (many) flaws. I may not have had the skill to pull it off back then but I think the concept remains sound. Maybe I’ll come back to the idea when I make the champion or blastmaster for the squad. Alternatively I kind of fancy doing something similar to what you describe but for Orks, if not as a model in itself then as part of another. Maybe I could stick some gretchin rocking out on top of a deff-dread or something… Hmmm…

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