No Guts, No Glory – Part 4

So, here goes with another batch of Nurgle conversions joining the fetid ranks. First of all I’ve finally got around to making a second Chosen. In many ways this guy is built exactly as the designers intended, with only a few tweaks to move him from the world of Warhammer to 40k. Take a look: Chosen of NurgleChosen of NurgleChosen of Nurgle The biggest change is on his back where he has a convenient strap to hang a holstered bolter on. Chosen of Nurgle I know I’ve not really pushed the boat out here in terms of conversion work but then again ‘if it ain’t broke’ and all that. I always really liked this configuration of the Blightkings – to me it’s the pure, unalloyed essence of Nurgle. You can almost imagine the buzzing of the flies that surround him and the dolorous tolling of his bells. Plus that executioner’s axe just nails it in my opinion. As a result I really didn’t want to change much about him, just lift him from a fantasy setting and transfer him to the far-future as subtly as possible. Hopefully you’ll agree that’s what I’ve done. I did toy with the possibility of giving him some kind of Space Marine type backpack but dropped the idea. Pulling it off without fouling the axe looked like a real hassle and it’s not like he really needs it – if he can survive without most of his internal organs then he can do without whatever it is that Space Marine’s keep in their backpacks. Anyway, that’s not everything I’ve been working on. Here’s two more Plaguebearers to join the Rotten Souls. I’ll probably make a couple more to use up the extra Plaguebearer parts I’ve acquired (more on that below). Do you ever feel like you just can’t surround yourself with enough Plaguebearers? Must just be me then… PlaguebearerPlaguebearerLook at his happy face! PlaguebearerPlaguebearer And then we have this monster. Daemon Prince of Nurgle - ConvertOrDieMiniatures He’s still at a fairly early stage yet but I’m really enthusiastic about him so expect to see more of him shortly. I’ll talk about him more in a future blog but I was so eager to show him off to you all I snapped a quick shot and added him to the end of this post. Once he’s finished he’ll be a Daemon Prince of Nurgle. He’s also partly the reason for my making more Plaguebearers, as I managed to pick up several of the riders alongside the Rot Fly body. Eagle-eyed readers might notice that his left arm is the one that used to belong to this Chaos Terminator. Nurgle TerminatorOn the terminator it was proving to be just a bit big and heavy looking so I swapped it out and put it to use here instead. Of course that also means I’ll have to find a new arm for the Terminator now (‘armless joke anyone? Armed and dangerous? I’ll get my coat…)

7 responses to “No Guts, No Glory – Part 4

  • ejhenries

    Evening bud, liking the way your Nurgle are going. I kind of agree about the Blightkings, I think it can be tricky with knowing when to 40K something up to the nines and when to keep it subtle. In this case I think keeping it simple was the way to go, mainly because of the awesome posing. Really like the WIP Daemon Prince, looking forward to seeing that when it’s completed and any further WIP shots. I’ll leave it there, keep up the ace work. Night

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I’m trying to make my Blightkings/Chaos Chosen into a full squad which adds some additional challenges when trying to make them look cohesive but also allows some to bring an extra ‘40k element’ and some to look a little more subtle.

      I’m quite excited about the Daemon Prince, and really want to show him off, but at the moment he’s in (quick count) 12 parts and probably doesn’t make much sense to an observer (i.e. even I don’t know exactly how he’s going to look in the end). As soon as he’s ready I’ll upload some more pics though 🙂

  • Thomas

    Really cool nurgle stuff going on here. I have been eyeing the Putrid Blightkings since they came out. That kit is looks ace. How are they size-wise? Marine, terminator or bigger?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Personally I’d say if you’re into Nurgle of any kind at all (fantasy or 40k, mortal or daemonic) they’re a must-have kit, there’s just so much you can do with them. Size wise they’re close to terminator size but, because they’re intended to look like mortal humans bloated to disgusting proportions, a lot of the components (heads especially) would fit nicely on a marine. The one issue I’m finding with them is that many of the components only fit with certain bodies so although it’s still a very versatile kit you can’t just kitbash with abandon in the way we sometimes become used to nowadays.

      • Thomas

        I think will have to pick up the kit. I was hoping that they were slightly bigger than a terminator as I’m looking for a cool base model to convert some Nurgle Obliterators. If they are about terminator size I’ll have to beef them up which could be quite the endeavor. But they sure would look cool with a exo-skeleton of sorts to increase their bulk and height.

      • Wudugast

        When they were first released I think a lot of people, myself included, thought they were going to be a lot bigger than they turned out to be. I suppose if this had been the case though they would have been just too big to look right in their intended role amongst the warriors of chaos, and would have dwarfed the Nurgle Lord model (and that just wouldn’t do!).
        I agree that there are some amazing Obliterators in this kit though, the problem, like you say, is creating a suitable exoskeleton without it involving considerable work. Terminator parts are just a little bit too small, Helbrutes too big. Both the Centurions and the Meganobs could be worth raiding for parts but again both are far too small to really work. Ogrens are about right but lack the exoskeletal, power-armoured elements they’d need. At first I had wondered about the new Mechanicum robots but again I think they’re just a bit too big to work (although I’m sure there’s going to be some amazing dreadnaught/helbrute conversions coming out of them). I did try making an Obliterator based on a Centurion but, although I’m pleased with the model ( he still looks more like a traitor Centurion to my eye than an Obliterator. Again I find myself thinking that a decent, adaptable Obliterator/Mutilator kit is something we desperately need and would open up a wealth of conversion options that are currently really hard to access. Anyway, good luck with the Blightkings, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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