Big Mouth Strikes Again

You may recall that a few weeks ago I showed you Aghkam Poxspeaker, my Dark Apostle of Nurgle. I’ll admit that, as time passed, I started to feel a little bit dissatisfied but it wasn’t until KrautScientist put in his thoughts that I realised what was bothering me. That hideous mouth, which should be the disgusting centre point to the model, was a bit of a missed opportunity. Obviously I wasn’t going to let that stand so I separated him from the troops for a second round with the paintbrush.
As a reminder, here’s how he used to look.
PoxspeakerAnd here’s how he ended up looking. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s an improvement.
PoxspeakerWhat startled me, as I started to work on him, was how intricately sculpted the inside of his throat turned out to be – almost as if his creators intended this kind of effect. 😉
PoxspeakerPoxspeakerI also noticed that the back of his skull seems to have suffered a particularly unpleasant wound at some stage so I decided that if I was going to have him looking gory and disgusting I might as well go the whole hog!
Poxspeaker As usual if you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions put them in the box below (unless you think I should put his throat back to the way it was – you can keep that suggestion to yourself!)

11 responses to “Big Mouth Strikes Again

  • Laertes

    If I were you, I think I will try to add some purulent fluid dropping from his mouth. Not too much, for it would end up obscuring the inner details, just a some small asimmetric drops/filaments.

    • Wudugast

      I think I know what you’re describing (and I like the idea although it’s not a big space to work in) but I can’t say I really know how it’s done. What do you use to create the clear droplets? Any tips or tutorials you could point me at?

      • Laertes

        I never tried them myself, but I have read about many ways to make the droplets, from heating and modelling clear plastic, to applying clear glue on a thin wire (like a brush hair) to using a glue gun. On such a small surface I think a precision use of the glue gun would be the better solution.

  • Ann Wycoff

    Yup, it certainly is an improvement. I agree with Laertes, I think his suggestion is a good one.

    • Wudugast

      Then faced with such agreement who am I to argue? 😉 As I said to Laertes I just don’t really know how it’s done, but if you can give me some directions I’ll certainly give it a shot!

  • krautscientist

    Much better! Regarding slime and goo dripping from this guy’s maw, what about taking a look at Nurgle’s Rot? It does have a rather green colour, bit it should work well enough for the intended effect. And I think the model would profit enormously from a set of bone-coloured highlights on the teeth surrounding that horrible mouth!

    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! As it stands I think Nurgle’s Rot wins out over the glue gun simply because I have a pot of Nurgle’s Rot in front of me and I don’t even own a glue gun. Got a few ideas about how to apply it for maximum grossness but will need to have a play about and see what works. Good point about sticking an extra highlight on the teeth as well 🙂

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  • imperialrebelork

    I don’t know about you but I get a little excited when I’m googling images of our beloved hobby and come across a cool picture only to discover it’s one of your haha. That was a really long sentence. How did I miss this one???? From now on you need to call me direct every time you put up a post.

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