Fall to the Thrall

The second post I ever made on this blog, way back in November 2013, concerned the two squads of cultists I was working on at the time. It’s slightly worrying to me then that it’s only now that I’ve finally got both squads finished. Never mind, at least I did it, and met my personal goal of making each unique from the others as well. They’re split over two squads; one armed for close combat – the Cult of Nug, and on for ranged combat – the Cult of Yeb. Here’s Yeb himself.
chaos-cultist-convert-or-die-17It’s been suggested to me that, with his Commissar’s coat that might be just what he is; a Commissar turned traitor. At first I thought this was a great idea but the more I considered it the less I was convinced. A Commissar must be utterly ruthless and unquestioning, a man without doubt or fear who’s resolve has only been strengthened by a lengthy training program and, undoubtedly, invasive indoctrination and brain-washing regimes. Such a man would not – indeed could not – simply turn to Chaos on a whim. Furthermore, if he did fall, the result would be a far more callous and terrible warrior than the mere leader of some rag-tag cultists.
Much more likely then that Yeb found his coat on the body of a dead Commissar, perhaps one who had stood, still firing heroically, as Kell and his terminators closed in. However this little train of thought did get me thinking about how interesting it would be to make a fully developed traitor Commissar, perhaps for the nascent traitor-guard army I keep considering. It would be interesting to look at how such a man could fall, and what would be created if he did. Watch this space!
Anyway, here’s the rest of the squad.




As I painted this next guy I started to realise that, with his deeply pitted eye-sockets, he was almost certainly blind. To me this puts a disturbing, and definitely Chaotic, twist on the model. I wonder what infraction led Imperial authorities to order this man’s eyes put out – or if he was born blind and shunned by the suspicious people with which he shared his hive? Either way the Dark Gods must have heard his whispered entreaties an granted him some alternative (I’m thinking infra-red – imagine him spotting approaching enemies by their body heat and gunning them down as they attempt to approach his holdout under cover of night or a dust storm. Ironically his sighted companions would be left firing blindly in the same direction – this is the sort of paradox that Tzeentch finds especially pleasing). Perhaps the process of transformation was so painful that he’s gagged himself to prevent him from, in desperation, asking the Gods for anything else.
chaos-cultist-convert-or-die-9And here’s a group-shot. Continuing the theme the next post should be the Dark Apostle that led them all down the twisted path into Chaos in the first place.

Cultists Group

9 responses to “Fall to the Thrall

  • vongutenboom

    You know I came to the same conclusion the traitor found the coat on a dead commissar and looted the body. large scale battles tend to be so devastating that no one has the time or man power to burry all there dead! Because I believe a Commissar would have unfailing Loyalty to the Emperor and would take his own life rather that summit to Chaos !

    • Wudugast

      Believe what you will, everyone falls to us eventually! Everyone! Mwahahaha! Ahem…

      All silliness aside I do think that the amount of mental conditioning to which a commissar is subjected means that all but a tiny, tiny minority should be proof against the temptations of the ruinous powers. All men have some fears, doubts or desires which can be played upon however, so a few must turn their backs on the Imperium, but such an individual would make for a ruthless warlord (and a fascinating character – Black Library take note!) not the leader of a rag-tag cultist band. However for Imperial citizens, or for that matter former citizens turned traitor, the sight of a commissar must illicit a hard-wired fear response so if a cultist leader could pluck up his courage, overcome his superstition and loot a commissar’s corpse he’d find himself in possession not only of a stylist (and warm) coat but also a potent symbol with which to chill enemies and subordinates alike.

  • imperialrebelork

    Love these guys. I just bought a bunch off ebay for $12 with free postage. Yay!!
    Love how wastelandish yours look. Good job!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! They’re great models, just wish GW would see sense and release a multi-part kit for them. I’m begging them to take my money here! It would open up a goldmine of conversion opportunities.

      • imperialrebelork

        That’d be fantastic. I really like the wastelander look. Just discovered MaxMini and their collection of alternative IG Heads. Please note I think whats called a Noob. Haha, meaning I’m a little bit behind the times.

      • Wudugast

        I think we all buy into the ‘there’s no-one out there but us’ GW propaganda from time to time. I know I tend to forget that there are other companies out there making amazing models or bitz that I could be raiding for my miniatures but sometimes I just forget they exist. And I know that if I use non-GW bits I can’t play in their stores (which seems fair really) but then when was the last time I played in a store? Oh yeah – precisely never. So I too need to remind myself from time to time that I can relax and break out those alternative heads (because GW are doing the wonderful variety of cultures alive in the Imperium no favours at all with their bog-standard Cadian heads). 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    So did you ever create a Fallen/Traitor Commissar?

    I think you’re right, most men have some form of fear. Then again a Commissar is not like most men at all. The reason for him to turn would have to be colossal. My mind is buzzing with ideas and visuals. As you are very wordy I implore you to write a small story/blog and create said fallen Commissar!! 😄😃😀😉

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