Binary Logic

The story of Warhammer 40k is, and always has been, the story of the Imperium. Until now, however, we have seen only part of it. The alien races add colour and complexity, harrowing the empire of man from its fringes, and of course there is always the great enemy, Chaos, waiting in the wings for mankind’s own hubris to bring him down. The main player, however, remains the Imperium, a toppling edifice of decaying glory and overweening arrogance in the face of a brutal and rapacious assault from within and without.

Here we see the fall of Rome written across the stars. It is peopled by the strange and the mysterious and governed by the mad. Together they grub through the ruins of their own toppled magnificence and believe themselves still to be supreme. Their wars are fought by medieval peasants, armed with weapons far beyond their understanding, holding back the horrors of the galaxy only through sacrifice and attrition. It’s infamous ‘grim darkness’ has been captured by dozens of authors and codex writers, as well as artists including, amongst others, John Blanche and Jes Goodwin (whose images are used – without permission – to illustrate this blog).
John BlancheSomehow I’ve never felt that this was quite captured on the tabletop. The warrior-monks of the Space Marines have often looked too clean. The imperial guard have come to focus too heavily on the Cadians (whose aesthetic is closest to modern soldiers and not really to my taste) and the Catachans (who now seem like a contrived pastiche, glaringly out of place beside the gothic strangeness of their peers). The inquisition are spent force. They might once have been at the pinnacle of grim-dark gothic greatness but today they look old, tired and utterly overshadowed by the creative genius displayed within the Inq28 movement, their own feral offspring. The assassins and ecclesiarchy languish in lumpen disregard.
Today however sees the release of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Since the beginning they have been a part of the background but it’s taken until now for them to emerge. Quite why it’s taken so long is open to debate, the Imperium after all is the marriage of Terra and Mars, yet the red planet has seen next to nothing in terms of miniatures releases.
Exactly what will come next with this release we don’t know yet, although it’s hard to imagine that more miniatures are not on their way. Already, however, we’ve seen the kind of grubby madness I’ve been hoping for since I discovered 40k. Not only do we see the Mechanicus army so many of us have been waiting for but the spares should provide more than enough to add a Blanchien vibe to other imperial models. Of course I still have a host of Chaos projects to work on before I rush out to buy the agents of the Fabricator General but, having waited for them for so long, it won’t hurt to be patient. At least they’ve arrived.


7 responses to “Binary Logic

  • LMF

    I am really anxious to see the Codex. I am hoping that it will tie in the Forge World models and that the Scyllax Guardian-Automata can be fielded along with some of the other automata that have already been released.

    • Wudugast

      Agreed, the codex will be very interesting. I’m not sure what to think about making the forgeworld models part of it though. Certainly it seems like a good idea to bring the two together – the forgeworld models are cracking – and encouraging them to be fielded alongside one another but whether that’s through including them in the codex, through allies rules or through some kind of tie-in publication (in a similar vein to Imperial Armour 13 and the way it adds to the Chaos Marines codex) I don’t know. I’ve always admitted though that I’m much more interested in the models than the rules (which isn’t to say I don’t want good rules to be available – just that I enjoy the modelling/painting side of things more) so I’m especially keen to see what miniatures they release next.

  • ejhenries

    Absolutely agree with you, and I enjoyed your well thought out article. I’m really looking forward to Daemonkin and I’ve started giving the Word Bearers a lick of paint (not literally, they might contain sickening agents like the foundation range…). However, it’s going to be hard to resist the Ad Mech. The Skitarii look great and the diverse components will be a joy to convert. Especially as my gaming group are quite partial to Inq28 so for me they’d get a lot of use as allies to my Inquisition, random henchman and PC’s and NPC’s. All in all, a great release that has been a long time coming. Nice one bud, look forward to seeing what you do with the models if you decide to convert some up. Have an ace weekend.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, don’t go licking your paint (or drinking the paint water, or washing the brush in beer, both things that I’ve done by mistake). 😉

      I think for fans of Inq28 this is going to be a particularly exciting time. With the ‘main codexes’ all fairly recently updated Games Workshop seem to be taking the chance to explore some of the smaller and more obscure elements which have lurked in the margins for so long. Of course as this is also the natural habitat of Inq28 I expect to see all kinds of creative ideas feeding off this 🙂

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