No Guts, No Glory – Part 3

Update: June 2021. Unfortunately, somewhere between writing this post back in 2015 and now I’ve managed to screw up and loose the accompanying pictures . In the case of this post – focusing as it does on work in progress images of a model I’ve since gone on to paint – it isn’t possible to simply take new ones. However I’ve kept the text below mostly unaltered, although to be honest I’m not sure how much sense it makes without the accompanying pictures. If you want to see the finished article though you can find it here.

Nurgle Hellbrute Wudugast ConvertOrDie Warhammer 40k (1)

I do love a dreadnaught. Most of the time ‘walkers’ in science-fiction leave me cold. Most likely it’s a result of growing up in Britain but there’s something about a handsome, cultured and well-groomed hero piloting a sleek and stylish mech that I find fairly irritating. More exciting to me by far is a heavily-armed walking life-support machine with all the aerodynamic grace of a perambulatory refrigerator, grimly laying down the law in the name of some neo-medieval Thatcherite hell. Probably in the rain.
Add to this the fact that Nurgle and Helbrutes seem to work well in combination. Both tend towards being outsize, lumbering and ugly. Both should by rights be dead but have somehow managed to live on, albeit not in a form that most would actually choose. I even wonder if the resistance to pain with which Nurgle is known to bless his followers make interment in a Helbrute a less miserable experience? As a result one of the first things I wanted to do with the Putrid Blightkings kit was create a Nurgle infested Helbrute. Never mind that I find big kits a bit of a chore to paint, or that I’ve already got two Helbrutes, plus another I need to get some paint on, let’s focus on my avaricious desire to add another!
At the moment he’s only tacked together but this should give you some idea of where I’m going with this. I armed him with a missile launcher as I see him trudging along at the back, a bloated, disease-ridden walking shrine to the Plague God, launching salvos of toxic warheads over the putrescent ranks so that the gifts of Nurgle are already well established when they get there.

So what do you think? Should I have taken that rash to the apothecary or was I right to bath my ironform in a soup of decay? As always your comments are welcome in the box below.

12 responses to “No Guts, No Glory – Part 3

  • gameoftravel

    wow! super awesome! I thought those worms around Putrid Blightking torso are pipes or wires connected him to the Dreadnaught body. but no! after closer look I can see they are worms! +1 for worms!

    ps.worms, right?;)

    • Wudugast

      Thanks 🙂 The idea for the worms came about when I was reading the Helbrute Dataslate and found this bit describing what happens to a chaos marine when they are implanted in a Helbrute sarcophagus. “Jagged spines and fanged pseudopods bite deep into the new pilot, black, greasy worms burrowing through muscle and bone to bind them into the Helbrute’s foul innards.” I wanted to try and capture that, but in a particularly Nurgly way – making them chunky and maggoty. I also put a few on the base to show them escaping to infect new victims.

      So yes, definitely worms, but also bio-mechanical warp-worms! Probably won’t paint them black though, I’m thinking various shades of decaying flesh might work better. Glad you like him!

  • krautscientist

    I think he’s looking fantastic! Excellent work so far! My only two suggestions would be to 1) maybe add some remaining scraps of armour around the bloated Blightking belly, in order to make it look like the pilot’s corpse actually burst through the original sarcophagus and 2) add a chainsaw to the palm of the power fist, just because it looked so amazing on Morbäck’s Nurglite Dread.

    In any case, excellent job! Looking forward to seeing this guy finished!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers, glad you like him!

      1)Excellent idea, (and straightforward as I have the bits to do this to hand). Will definitely be trying this out to see how it looks.

      2)I did think about this early on, but as that dreadnaught was quite a big inspiration to me when working on this one I decided to force myself to do something new rather than copying too closely. I do have a plan to make a saw-handed helbrute at some point though, probably one that looks a bit more Khornate in nature. BTW – if anyone is reading this that hasn’t seen that model (where have you been!) the place you need to click is here:

  • Alex

    Aw man, that is nasty looking in the best possible way! I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops… And hey… 4 Hellbrutes? No such thing as overkill mate. Btw – how are you making those GS cable/worms dude?

    • Wudugast

      Thnaks! What can I say, I just really like making Helbrutes! 🙂 I’ve still got the bits kicking around to make at least one more but I’ve got ideas for several others scribbled in notebooks.

      To make the cables/worms/tentacles I used the tentacle maker from Greenstuff Industries Getting it posted from the US to the UK wasn’t cheap but it was well worth it – one of the best hobby tools I’ve bought in a long time.

      • Alex

        Ah, cool! I was always puzzled how folks got their cables looking so good. Mystery solved! Gonna get me one of those dude, thanks!

      • Wudugast

        Glad I could help 🙂 The nice thing about it for me is that not only can I produce nice looking results with a minimum of skill but also that those results give me the confidence to push myself and do a bit more than I would have otherwise.

  • bonecruncha

    This looks awesome! Just having a scan through your other stuff and, I have to say, you’ve got a mighty fine blog. When get a bit more time I’ll read through more posts.

    Peace J.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers, hope you continue to enjoy what you see here and, as I’m always saying, if you have any feedback or suggestions they’re always welcome 🙂

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