Shepherds of Rot

I’ve been promising him for a while but the mighty wrath of Khorne has been distracting me from the servants of his more fecund and jolly brother. However here he is at last – Aghkam Poxspeaker, Dark Apostle of Nurgle.
Nurgle ApostleNurgle ApostleNurgle ApostleNurgle Apostle
It’s all fairly infantile of course but I can’t help but imagine him belching out the word of Nurgle to a giggling congregation of Nurglings. Of course, one has to wonder how he would go about winning over disgruntled Imperial serfs to his cause like that, but then I’ve often thought being a Dark Apostle of Nurgle can’t be the easiest job to begin with. Chaos offers the strength to overthrow the Imperial yolk, Khorne supremacy in battle, Slaanesh every imaginable pleasure and Tzeentch great magical power, whilst the unfortunate salesman for Nurgle finds himself peddling the line ‘Well, we’ve got some cracking diseases…’ He’s hardly the one you’d pick really, unless of course you were already sick and dying, in which case the wheezing invocations of any daemon would probably be enough to sway you to his cause in exchange for renewed vigour. Then again Nurgle’s an optimistic fellow so perhaps Aghkam doesn’t mind that. He can keep going with his pompous, long-winded and flatulent sermons, safe in the knowledge that as the galaxy succumbs to decay all men will come to him eventually.

7 responses to “Shepherds of Rot

  • ejhenries

    Evening bud, cheers for your comment. Just noticed the above Apostle in my reader. By the Dark Gods he’s horrifying in the best possible way! I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the Apostles, found it quite amusing thinking of the Gods as different career paths for the misguided and the damned. Till later, keep up the ace work.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – glad you like him. I actually picked up the box from AoW based almost entirely on that model (something I almost never do – buying a whole box because you like one model is a bit rich for my taste). Luckily its chock-full of useful stuff so I reckon there’s quite a few plague marines in my future! 🙂

  • krautscientist

    While the model has turned out great, the longer I look at him the more obvious it becomes to me that that gaping maw of his would profit from some hideous special effect: Either go for a bloody, glistening interior (by way of Tamiya Clear Red or Blood for the Blood God) or – maybe even better – add some Nurgle’s Rot to the depths of his gullet, to make it seem suitably slimy and infectious — just my two cents 😉

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