No Guts, No Glory – Part 2

Remember the Nurgle kitbashes I was working on before Christmas? Well, let’s have a look at the progress I’ve made since shall we?

First off let’s look at where I’m at with those three models I showed previous. The bad news for the Chosen of Nurgle is that there isn’t currently a lot to show.  He’s been tweaked slightly – adjusting his arm to counterbalance his weight and focus the direction of movement in the model. Apart from that he’s only been undercoated – blame my butterfly attitude to the hobby!

The Dark Apostle of Nurgle on the other hand is almost done so I’ll be keeping you in suspense a little longer and hopefully showing off the finished model very soon.

That leaves us with this Nurgle Terminator.

Nurgle TerminatorTo be honest I got a bit hacked off with this one and the project lay dormant until just the other day. He just didn’t look right and, try what I might, I wasn’t happy with him. Various people had given me the same advice, in fact it’s even written in the title of this series of posts; put a Nurgly gut on him! A lean, famine ravished look is a side of Nurgle that we don’t get to see very often but maybe a Terminator isn’t the place to try skinny? Anyway it gave me an excuse to try some more sculpting.

Here’s a few work-in-progress shots. As you can see the process of building up the gut works a lot better if you take his arms off first. I chopped off the purity seal on his leg as well whilst I was about it. Straight away he looks fatter and less top-heavy but I reckon there’s a lot more to do before I’m finished with him.

TerminatorTerminatorI’ve also been working on a couple of Plague Marines. First off we have this banner bearer, built with a combination of Games Workshop and Avatars of War parts. When he started out he looked a lot like this:

Plague Marine

However I wasn’t terribly happy with him either – the combination of the Space Marine legs with the Corruptor belly meant either his legs looked too spindly or his pot-belly too big so I swapped out his legs for these ones. Hopefully you agree this is an improvement.

Plauge MarineP MarinePlague Marine

Last of all we have this chap who I rescued from the bitz box. He’s a bit of an old timer, another of those early models that I made several years ago and soon came to realise just weren’t as cool as I thought.

We all know the classic zombie movie scene. The hero has downed one of his undead aggressors with whatever weapon he has to hand (shotgun, chainsaw, exploding helicopter, whatever) but the shambling menace isn’t taking no for an answer and, despite losing its legs and lower torso, is crawling towards him with maniacal determination. That’s the look I was trying to capture with this model, mixed with a little of the ‘heroic last stand’ pose beloved by Space Marine fans; a combination of dying warrior blazing away with his bolter until his last breath and crawling undead horror.


Where do I start with his flaws? The bolter is too heavy for his hand, the backpack makes his outline awkward and the guts at the back are clearly the product of too much enthusiasm and not enough greenstuff talent. He languished, first at the back of the shelf, then in the bitsbox. I was about to tear him apart for bits but, like Bilbo thinking twice about stabbing Golum in the back, compassion stayed my hand. I’ve just bought one of the Tentacle Makers from Greenstuff Industries (highly recommended by the way) and this seemed like a cracking opportunity to see what could be saved from this model and experiment with greenstuff into the bargain. After all there’s parts of the model I still really like (weirdly I think the fungal/plaguebearer head is ace – even though a little self-honesty tells me its hardly sculpting to be proud of).


Overall, although he’s hardly the best model in the collection, I feel I’ve not done a bad job of rescuing him. Some people might counter that he’s not really a fieldable miniature (he certainly isn’t WYSIWYG, he doesn’t even have any weapons any more, and his vertically-challenged nature will probably help keep him out of the way of plenty of incoming fire-power). I’ve got plenty of proper plague-marines though (and probably more on the way) so I feel I can thumb my nose at such concerns. After all the aim of this hobby, for me, is not to go out and have a sleekly honed tournament winning army but instead a collection of miniatures that I enjoy owning. And of course to line them up in front of me and pretend to be a Chaos God, laughing maniacally as they march, crawl and shamble their way to war!

Anyway, that’s it at the moment for a slightly bitty Nurgley update – there’s something angry and Khorne focussed coming soon!

9 responses to “No Guts, No Glory – Part 2

  • Ann Wycoff

    Neat. Yes, I think you brought the “short” miniature back to life as well. I haven’t met anyone so far who objects to the occasional short, converted miniature in friendly games or friendly tournaments even. It isn’t like you are making ten of them and camping them on an objective out of LOS behind a scratch-built aegis line that is 3″ higher than normal, lol.

    If someone did object to a “short” miniature then I guess I’d just make that figure my first casualty when I have to remove a model and otherwise make believe that he was normal size.

    Really though, I would hope most people would think the model is cool rather than freaking out that you have one short plague marine. As you say, 40K is a game but it is also a modelling hobby too. 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Haha! Well put, I guess I’ll put my all crawling army with 20cm tall aegis-lines on the back-burner then! 😉

      Part of why miniatures games have such lasting appeal, I think, is their multifaceted nature. Modelling/painting/gaming/terrain building/writing background fiction and all the other aspects of the hobby mean that there’s a much broader community than one might find in other hobbies. There’s also always room to try new things, to stretch yourself by exploring aspects of your collection that you wouldn‘t normally. Mostly even those who’s focus is just on gaming can appreciate a well painted or converted miniature – whilst those like myself who prefer the modelling side of the hobby still approve of a well played tactic or the cut and thrust of two armies clashing. Generally people are decent and just want to have a good time with their hobby as well.

      This is why, although I prefer a slightly freeform attitude to gaming, aiming for something fun and memorable rather than strictly competitive – and am a huge supporter of wildly original conversions and home brewed rules – I still like to keep at least a core of my collection ‘by the book’. For me they remain are playing pieces, not ornaments, even though I play very rarely and my grasp of the rules remains rusty in the extreme. In a sense gaming brings models to life. I like having options 🙂

  • Ruins of Arotha

    Really cool conversions, nice to see somebody else adopting the bleached white armour too 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂
      Yeah, I’m really glad I went for the bleached white armour – I toyed with a few ideas before painting the test model and went for white because I had some half-formed idea about long exposure to the warp sapping the colour from my marines and covering up their previous allegiances. I reckon it makes for a nicely menacing effect, and also works well with my painting style.

  • krautscientist

    The Terminator works much better now — he just needed the gut so as not to look strangely spindly. And good call on rescuing the legless guy! Such a characterful piece! If all else fails, you can always use him as an objective marker 😉

    Keep up the great work!

  • Alex

    Very nice mate, and I don’t know anyone who would have an issue with you fielding billy-no-legs. That Terminator is the business as well, the belly elevates it from very cool to awesome. He clearly passed his FNP roll (fear no PIE)!

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