Even the Gods Can Bleed

“All gods are dead – except the God of War”.

Phrase repeatedly found carved into the flesh of the loyalist dead, Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre war zone.

From Forgeworld’s The Horus Heresy: Massacre And Skulls For His Throne Khorne; now there’s a chap who knows a thing or two about demonic steeds. He wouldn’t be seen dead allowing his followers to ride into battle on giant blow-flies (frankly unhygienic), multi-breasted fish-horses that exhale intoxicating musk (utterly impractical) or disks of energy accompanied by schools of flying sting-rays (just plain weird). That sort of carry on makes him REALLY ANGRY! Far better, really, to go to war mounted on a huge, bloodthirsty mechanical rhinoceros.khorne-herald-convert-or-die-1I recently picked up the Skull Cannon of Khorne, having been impressed by it as soon as I saw it. What more could any chaos fan want than a sentient artillery piece that’s prone to devouring people? My only complaint is that the gun is rather piddly but that’s a minor point. As it happens I’ve yet to get it assembled, let alone painted, but I did built the Herald that comes with it – unused if you don’t build the kit as a blood throne, and mounted it on a juggernaught I had left over from an abandoned project. Here’s the result, Zakhrath; the Talon of Fury, ready to go and kill in the Blood God’s name!khorne-herald-convert-or-die-2







2 responses to “Even the Gods Can Bleed

  • Alex

    Stunning… Daemon on giant space rhino… what’s not to like?!? I really like the colours you used for the Herald dude – much better than the standard red approach IMO 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of the garish look a lot of the studio daemons have and wanted something a little more toned down. It also needed to be fairly close to the colour scheme of my chaos marines so they don’t look too out of place together, as well as working for all the gods – when the full pantheon is on the same table it can sometimes look a bit clashing and I wanted something that pulled together all the disparate elements of chaos. Finally it needed to look suitable threatening. Hopefully it worked – I’m certainly pleased with it on my Khorne/Nurgle daemons and the Slaaneshi test model I just finished looks good as well (in my humble opinion). Tzeentch (as ever) is looking tricky though.

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