‘Ere We Go!

“I dunno wot you been told,

Stormboy mobs is mighty bold,

We’re da hardest of da lot,

We make you lot look like grots”

Stormboy drill-chant, previous edition of Codex:Orks

stormboys-convert-or-die-2Right, its 2015 – let’s get the last of these orks finished shall we?stormboys-convert-or-die-4

stormboys-convert-or-die-3They may be the antithesis of good, healthy Orky culture (with their unfortunate tendency to obey orders and observe tactics) but Stormboys remain one of my all time favourite Ork units. (Possibly I’m ‘goin’ Ooman’ – who can say?) What’s not to love about Orks that dress smart, polish their boots, salute their betters and hurtle through the air on malfunctioning rocket packs?

In the fiction it’s noted that no self-respecting Mek will work for the Stormboys (the association with organisation and discipline presumably being bad for their reputation with other potential customers). The result is that the rocket packs used by the Stormboys are usually pretty substandard, even for Orks. This model captures that nicely, he appears to have just shoved a bunch of missiles into a tube and strapped it to his back.
stormboys-convert-or-die-1I love all the little grots that come with this squad (as I may have mentioned before I reckon everything orky should have at least a few gretchin hanging on frantically). I especially like the expression of grim desperation on the face of this one, he appears to have realised that there’s no way of wriggling out this time and can only grit his teeth and hope for the best. It does make me wonder what he’s actually doing there though. Does he control the rocket somehow (in which case he’ll undoubtedly try to ram the ork into something solid before scurrying away) or has he merely been shoved in there by the ork in case he comes in handy when they get wherever they’re going?stormboys-convert-or-die-6Speaking of gretchin hanging on, here’s the squad’s boss nob.stormboys-convert-or-die-5A word of warning for those thinking of getting some Stormboys of their own, the whole squad falls over a lot – and the boss most of all. These models were not designed with staying upright on anything other than a shelf in mind (and even then it had better be securely cemented into the floor). I recommend sticking a small weight onto their bases. If I remember correctly one is technically not supposed to put any item of currency out of use permanently but I’ve found blue-tacking a penny onto each base is a big help (not to mention cheap) and they can easily be removed if required (i.e. when HM Customs and Revenue reads this and decides to mount an early morning raid on my house…). When I finally get my bum into gear on my Warptalons and Raptors I’ll probably use the same trick.

Anyway, last of all here’s a cheesy groupshot. ZOOOOOM-DAKA-DAKA-DAKA!!Stormboyz
Just the deffcopters to go!

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