I Like Trucking

The Ork Truck was the first really big kit I tackled. Like a lot of people I think I was (and still am) a little intimidated by vehicles, preferring small (read: forgiving) infantry models.

I was never terribly happy with the results of my first attempt to paint it. I loved (and still do) the idea that ‘red uns’ really do go faster – the Ork’s belief that painting their vehicles red will give them a boost of speed translating into an actual effect in the game. However, a little foolishly, I attempted to give it a ‘red paint job’ without actually painting it red. When I started work on it I had an image in my mind’s eye of a rusty, oily hulk, held together mostly by a combination of filth, corrosion and luck and that was what I aimed to paint. Then I made random bits of it garish and red in an attempt to make just enough of appropriately coloured to count as a red paint job. The result was pretty mismatched and hideous but then, it was my first ever vehicle so give me a break eh? Bet yours was pretty rubbish as well!
Anyway this time round I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again and threw my efforts into creating the rusty wreck I’d always wanted.






Whilst I was about it I took the chance to add a few extra details, including this cheeky grot who must have chosen the most dangerously impractical place to sit imaginable.

So there we have it, the rusty wreck is back on the road. As for the rest of my Orky revamp, with Christmas (and a holiday) just around the corner, time is tight but I’m starting to feel that success is possible. Nearly there…

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