The Fixer

Like the Painboy I showed back here this Big Mek is a model I was initially proud of, then fell out of love with over time. As we shall see the similarity doesn’t end there, he too shall shortly loose his head in spectacular fashion. Anyway, to begin with here’s a few shots of him in his previous incarnation.

Big Mek (2)Big Mek (3)Big Mek (1)

In the main I’m still quite pleased with him, the kustom force field on his back still works for me and only an Ork, having already lost one hand and had it replaced with a hook would chop off the other one and graft on a power claw (especially if his job involved comparatively fiddly jobs like tinkering with machines). My dissatisfaction was mostly with those enormous Mek tools, they’re just too disproportionately huge, going beyond ‘comically huge and Orky’ and becoming ‘just a bit much’. They had to go and be replaced with something a little more believable. Whilst I was about it I ended up taking the chance to chop his head off as well. I didn’t have any particular issue with the head he had (in fact I’ll probably reuse it on another Nob) but when I stumbled across the chance to make a new cybork head instead using the control gubbins that normally attach to the mek’s tools I jumped at it. For the organic rear component of the head I used my least favourite of the Nob heads from the Assault on Black Reach kit (the one with the goofy expression, eye-patch and truly awful topknot). As an aside if you remove the topknot the model is improved straight away so I might try using the head like this at a later date. Anyway, having removed the wacky hairdo I shaved the rest of the face back a little to create a flatter surface and stuck the ‘gubbins’ straight on. To avoid it looking too much like a welding mask and clarify that it’s not something he’s wearing but actually part of his head I did a bit of greenstuff work across the crown so it looks like at some stage his whole cranium has been opened up and tinkered with. Here’s the result.


Here it is painted prior to being stuck back on.


And here he is reassembled – Big Mek Megagutz ready to get back to work.

Big Mek (7)Big Mek (8)Big Mek (9)Big Mek (4)Big Mek (6)Big Mek (5)

The new mek’s tools, swiped from the mega-nobs kit, really fit the scale of the model much better and I’m really pleased with the new head. What do you think? Did I lose my head on this one (boom boom) or have I fixed ‘im up good? As always I’m happy to hear your thoughts so keep them coming. Until next time – cheers for reading!

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