Snakes Alive!

Poor Old Zogwort. I always rather liked him, he was a quirky, interesting and extremely Orky character and, although I never actually played a game with him, his ability to turn an enemy character into a squig sounded too funny to ignore. Unfortunately for the great warphead Game’s Workshop felt differently and now he’s been turned into a squig himself (or possibly a squat) and retired from the current codex for the crime of not having his own model.

As is now widely known it’s become Games Workshop’s policy with 40K to remove any unit without a model from the codex, something of a blow to the character of some armies but generally streamlining things for new players (I myself was new to 40k recently enough to remember how confusing it could be trying to work out what was official, what was discontinued, what was converted, what was and wasn’t WYSIWYG and so on). In the clear-out Zogwort got the boot and, for those who play Orks by the rules, conversions were relegated to gather dust on the shelf or demoted to standard Weirdboys.

Someday it would be excellent to see a series of articles in White Dwarf showcasing these purged characters and units, combining a gallery of particularly good fan-made conversions with some official rules. Obviously I’m not so naive as to think this is anything other than wishlisting but it would be nice wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I was one of those who had a Zogwort conversion in my Ork collection. Luckily I a) don’t play much anyway and b)thumb my nose at the rules, so I’m not too disenfranchised. Plus as my Ork collection developed they began to acquire their own character and Zogwort started to seem like something of an outsider in the ranks anyway.

Nonetheless I wasn’t going to leave him to moulder in dusty purgatory whilst the rest of the boyz got refreshed paintjobs. Compared to the conversions I produce now Zogwort really does look a little rough and ready but that’s progress for you. Once upon a time I couldn’t imagine making anything better, now I can see dozens of areas of improvement. Still I’m rather proud of myself for being ambitious enough to tackle something so complicated back then, when I was still in my infancy as a converter. Here he is, complete with a team of grots to hold him down and try to direct his output of Waaarg energy towards the enemy.




old-zogwort-convert-or-die-5So there we have it. RIP Old Zogwort, long live converted, house-ruled Zogworts everywhere. If you’ve stubbornly refused to retire your own conversion let’s see a link to it in the comment box below (after all, I showed you mine as it were). Home-made rules and particularly funny stories about Space Marine Captains that turned into Squigs are also welcome. (Who am I kidding – Space Marine Captains turning into Squigs is always funny).
‘Til next time, cheers and thanks for reading.

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