No Guts, No Glory – Part One

Well those Orks aren’t going to get finished if I keep getting distracted like this… Nonetheless, inspired by the recent wave of Nurgle releases for Warhammer I decided to kitbash a few more servants of the plague god to join my Black Crusade.

The Putrid Blightkings are just such an exciting kit both on their own merits as assembled straight out of the box (which is impressive enough) and as a spur for creative activity (and sure enough there are brilliant conversions popping up all over the internet). My first conversion is based directly off this kit, albeit with a number of modifications to transform him from a denizen of the Old World into a citizen of the 41st Millennium. In doing this I’ll admit to being heavily inspired by the likes of Jeff Vader at Officio Convertorum and KrautScientist at Eternal Hunt – check out these in particular (both blogs well worth checking out and – without wishing to sound sycophantic – home to some truly exceptional painting and converting).

This guy will be the first of a squad of Chosen with the Mark of Nurgle. I know – you don’t need to nag me Internet, I’ve not painted my Dark Vengeance Chosen yet. I’ll get to it! Jeeze Internet, you don’t half go on you know! Anyway here he is, a shameless take off of conversions by better men but hopefully unique enough that you won’t all piss off to their blogs and leave me to weep alone.
Nurgle ChosenChosenNurgle ChosenNurgle Chosen
Next we have something that doesn’t have anything to do with the Blightkings at all, being based instead on the Corrupters of the Apocalypse from Avatars of War. It’s a really simply conversion really, just the standard model with a Chaos Marine backpack stuck on but I’m rather pleased with him all the same.
Dark Apostle of NurgleDark Apostle of NurgleDark Apostle of Nurgle
Once he’s painted he’ll be a Dark Apostle with the Mark of Nurgle. I think the designers intended him to be a musician but rather than carrying an instrument he’s just belching which, as well as making me giggle childishly, also caused me to think that prayers to Nurgle probably sound (and smell) pretty flatulent. This guy appears to be actually burping out his worship of Nurgle, a concept that’s both disgusting and silly – just like the plague god himself.

Last of all we have this terminator. Far more than the other two this guy really is a ‘Work in Progress’. The basic structure is all there but I feel some development is needed beyond simply slapping Blightking bits onto a terminator chassis and calling him done. It goes without saying then that any comments or ideas you have are welcome in the box below.
Nurgle TerminatorNurgle TerminatorNurgle TerminatorNurgle Terminator
Since taking these pictures I’ve started weathering the armour on the legs a little which has helped but I think it needs more than that. Perhaps some kind of tabard to increase his bulk a little? For the moment I’m trying to avoid the ‘guts out for the lads’ look that seems to be pretty standard fare for Nurgle models now, if only because I think we’ll be seeing a lot of it and I don’t want to overdo it.
Anyway, get your thoughts in the comments box. More Orks soon!

3 responses to “No Guts, No Glory – Part One

  • krautscientist

    Hey man, thanks for the shout out! And don’t sell yourself short: There’s some pretty promising stuff in this very post, you know? 😉

    – The Blightking-based Plague Marine is coming along nicely! It does seem like there are several directions of movement competing with one another, however, if that makes any sense. Maybe you should consider turning the head a bit, so that the Marine is looking towards his power fist — that might help.

    – The AoW chaos warrior with the CSM backpack is indeed an astonishingly convincing conversion — quite a find!

    – the Black Reach Termie turned Plague Marine is very interesting. The model does seem a little gangly to me, which I think you could change by adding the tried and true dangling guts after all 😉 Or you could give him some kind of chain tabard dangling between his legs, in order to add some bulk and presence to him.

    In any case, I am looking forward to seeing more of these guys! Keep up the great work!



    • Wudugast

      Cheers for the very constructive feedback 🙂

      Good point on the chosen, I couldn’t place what was bothering me about him. At the moment he looks like he’s strolling along, turning the head a little should make his movement a bit more focussed and aggressive.

      As for the Terminator, gangly is exactly the word – he has a pleasing amount of Nurgly bulk at the top but he gets to be too thin and clean around the waste/legs. At the moment I’m thinking the tabard is the way to go but I’ll have a play with it and see how it looks (and probably end up going with the guts in the end 😉 ).

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