Masters of Waaagh!

With just a month to go (and a lot of other things to do in that time) my campaign to ‘fix-up’ all my Orks before New Year(-ish) is starting to look like quite the challenge. Nevermind – if it happens, it happens. The latest models to escape the production line are these Nobs – a combination of plastic models from both the current kit and the Assault on Black Reach boxset. Frankly there’s only so much you can say about an Ork Nob so here’s some pictures to look at instead. First up here’s one from the Black Reach set.


ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-9And a couple more.ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-6

ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-5This next one gave me real headaches trying to make the boss-pole stand straight without it fouling the axe slung over his shoulder. I suppose I could have just dropped the boss-pole but I liked it and was stubborn. Anyway it occurred to me to try it at this slightly jaunty angle and I think it really works – in a quirky, orky kind of way – as though the beast skull is peaking over his shoulder.ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-11

ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-10There’s a faintly embarrassing story to go with this one. Whilst assembling this old metal beast I blue-tacked the arms on to get a feel for how the model would look once completed and then completely forgot I’d not glued anything. Not such a major error really, except that I then finished painting him and stuck him on the shelf with the rest of the Orks. One hot day in the middle of summer he just started to relax. Looking back it was rather funny, as though the banner had just got too heavy to hold up and he was going to put it down, he slowly lowered his arms. Finally, whilst I watched stupidly, my suddenly animate Ork gave up all together and his arms fell off. Sadly it took him a while to recover from this, he’s lived in the drawer in bits for at least two years, until last week when I put him back together again (this time using glue… you know…for a change of pace…). ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-4


ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-2Just to keep the squad together in one place here’s a couple of pictures of the two Nobs I showed previously.ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-13


ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-7Finally here’s a group shot of the whole mob, accompanied by their Warboss.

Bunch 'a Nobs

And there you have it, my Nobs squad as it currently stands. In time I’d like to add in a few more (I’m a huge fan of the – highly versatile – plastic Nobs kit and I’ve still got a few unpainted models from Black Reach kicking around). However I’m trying to stay strong and deal with everything else in my Orky challenge first. Having said that there are a few Chaos projects on the go as well so expect either them or Old Zogwort next. Until then, thanks for your interest. WAAARGH!

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