No Pain, No Gain

Sometimes you find an old miniature that you were once really proud of and discover that it simply no longer cuts the mustard. Maybe the paintjob that you were sure was worthy of Golden Daemon turns out to be a little shabby at best, or maybe that amazing conversion has become, with the passage of years, a rough hackjob fit only for the bitzbox. For me that model is this Painboy.

What A Pain (1)What A Pain (2)What A Pain (3)

When I first finished him I was so proud. Look at him running (running!) into battle on his peg-leg, so keen is he to start chopping up the ladz and fixing them up with some shiny new repairs (whether they need them or not). With retrospect I’m not so pleased. Of course I’m not here to do your job for you, I’m sure you can criticise him yourself if that’s what you want to do. Suffice to say I wasn’t entirely happy anymore. My main issue with him is the head. It’s one of my favourite Ogre heads (and I already have a use in mind for it) but there’s nothing remotely Orky about it, and certainly nothing that says “demented surgeon about to perform unnecessary surgery”. With a surge of mad zeal any Painboy would find familiar I decided to decapitate him at once (in suitably brutal Conan-esque style).


With that done I set about making some improvements. Here he is with his finished base and stylish new head. Incidentally the syringes attached to his belt were made from space-marine scroll cases, a little bit of repurposing that I’m rather proud of.

Painboy (1)Painboy (2)Painboy (3)Painboy (4)Painboy (5)

And here’s the whole ‘mad-surgery crew’ ready to start chopping up the boys (or anyone else that comes too close).


Overall I’m really pleased with this update which has brought this model back to his former standing in the collection (rather than shoved to a place of shame at the back of the shelf). Hopefully you like him too – if you have any comments or feedback then the comments box below is the place for you. Nobs are up next!

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