Might Makes Right

Work on the Orks continues apace, with attention this time on my old Warboss. Sooner or later a customised Warboss will be rising from the heap of bitz in which he currently resides, kicking heads and taking charge of my Ork collection, so this chap’s tenure in command is likely to be coming to an end. He’s had a good innings though, having served as master of the Laughing Faces tribe ever since I bought the Assault on Black Reach starter set and painted him in a whirlwind of enthusiasm a few Christmases ago. He may be one of those model’s that’s become somewhat ubiquitous (at a guess 99% of Ork players own at least one) but he remains a damn fine model and an excellent centrepiece to any collection. Unfortunately I’m arrogant and demanding, and as a result must have a unique warboss – not a carbon copy of everyone else’s. I still love him though so he had to be next in line for a getting a slight touch-up (not much mind you – if I’d poured as much time and effort into the rest of the collection as I did into him I wouldn’t have needed to go through this whole ‘refreshing’ exercise in the first place).

Ork Warboss Wudugast (1)Ork Warboss Wudugast (2)Ork Warboss Wudugast (3)Ork Warboss Wudugast (4)Ork Warboss Wudugast (5)Ork Warboss Wudugast (6)

Hopefully you’re enjoying this wave of Orky enthusiasm as much as I am, if not don’t worry – there’s some Chaos in the pipeline! As ever if you think he’s propa or you reckon I’m just messin’ about let me know in the box below. Cheers!

6 responses to “Might Makes Right

  • 40kterminatus

    I have a pile of bits waiting to turn into an Ork Warboss as well, its a common problem lol 🙂 Nice painting by the way.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! It’ll come together, I just need to stop being a chicken about the amount of work involved, find a creative well to tap into and knuckle down to it. Good luck with yours, looking forward to seeing it done (I may need the inspiration!) 🙂

  • Les

    Looking good man. Can’t wait to see his replacement. Will you reuse him ad a nob boss or something?

    • Wudugast

      Honestly I can’t wait to see how the replacement looks myself! I have a basic concept in mind and a load of bitz but I’ve not worked out how he’s going together yet. The danger with converting an ork, especially a warboss, is it’s easy to fall prey to the ‘just stick bits on everywhere’ Orky style but if its half-arsed it really shows. I’m planning a cybork boss in mega-armour, big enough that he has his own grot riggers. Dunno if he’ll be based off Ghazghkull but he’ll probably be similar.
      When he’s done I’ll keep this guy on as his second in command, he’s a lot bigger than the Nobs (when I post pictures of the Nobs I’ll try to post one of him with them as a size comparison).

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