The Call of the Wild

Warhammer fans often say, perhaps rightly, that the beastmen have been getting fairly short shift over recent years. However the beastmen in the wildwoods of the Old World are still living like kings compared to their cousins on the death worlds of the Eye of Terror. In fact they seem to have been left out of much of the current Chaos background altogether – a shame as they’re still mentioned as being allowed to join the Astra Militarum (I mean really, the Astra Militarum for crying out loud! It may only be a small point but I’m still going to allow myself a moment of being irked that the modern canon of fiction considers it more acceptable for these feral savages to be stuffed into ill-fitting uniforms and sent off to die for an Empire that abhors them, rather than being allowed to scavenge at the heels of Chaos warbands, stealing equipment and picking off the weak!)
Having said all that there are some rather nice Imperial Beastmen conversions out there, check out this loyalist squad for example.
Anyway, the upshot of this little rant is that I put together this scrawny bloodgore. Hopefully this craven, cannibalistic mutant will be the first of a new squad of Khorne’s foot-soldiers amongst my chaos collection.

I had to build up the shoulder using greenstuff, something I struggled with for ages, trying to create something anatomically accurate, before giving up and going for something twisted and mutated instead.


To be honest I find painting beastmen something of a struggle. I tried a test model once when I was thinking of starting an army of them for Warhammer and it was a nightmare and this one wasn’t much easier (so quite why I decided to make a whole squad remains a little unclear – wish me luck eh!)

Anyway, having got him finished I felt more enthusiastic about the project again so made a couple more.

BeastmanBeastman WIP

As it stands the top one is now ready to paint, the other still needs a little work but hopefully he’ll be finished soon too (if I don’t get distracted by my current enthusiasm for Nurgle that is). Anyway, as usual, thanks for looking and any feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome.

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