Meet The New Boss

The campaign to ‘fix up’ my rather worn out looking Orks continues apace. Having sorted out those grots the next thing on my to-do list were some Runt Herds to keep them out of mischief and lead/push them into battle.
This first Runt Herd was built without any conversion and to my eye does a grand job of capturing what it is to be an “irascible, infirm and often incontinent old warrior” (as the Fantasy Orcs and Goblins army book puts it).

ork-runt-herd-convert-or-die-2Now frankly, this guy doesn’t look like he’d share bossing his grots around with anyone else. However the rules (which I admit I rarely pay much attention to) call for one Runt Herd for every ten gretchin. Plus I reckon he’d need some backup, otherwise these little rascals are going to give him the run-around. I also rather liked the old fiction that described how Odd Boys (Painboys, Runt Herds and Meks) like to get together and talk shop, in spite of their radically different fields. Each would then go back to his work feeling like he’s learned something useful. Chatting to his Painboy and Mek mates my Runt Herd would have come to the conclusion that, rather than allow another Ork to help him with his grots, he’d ‘promote’ one of his more ambitious and useful charges by wiring him permanently into a miniature version of a killa kan.




gretchin-convert-or-die-6Here he is lording it over his smaller charges, all of which are undoubtedly lining up to take him down a peg or two as soon as the boss’s back is turned.
Incidentally by building this Runt Herd I didn’t need the one that came in the box so I turned him into this Mek (more on him here).
ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-1This also left me with a number of spare parts, including this squig which I rescued from the bits box and turned into a nasty, yapping squig hound. Not really brain surgery here, I just carefully cut away the runt-herd’s hand and replaced it with some extra hair in the crest, using part of a Boy’s topknot cut to shape. To cover up the damage where the harness had to be cut away I sculpted a ragged ear, presumably scarred by the bite of a rival in a high-octane squig fight.




squig-convert-or-die-5As always, thanks for reading and feel free to put any praise or abuse in the comments box below.


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