Weedy Little Gits

From one of the biggest, toughest Orks around to the smallest; my Gretchin. Undervalued, underfed and, more often than not, under foot they’re known simply as the ‘Orrible Grots.
Lately my painting desk has been home to all kinds of Chaos which I’ll try to show over the next few weeks (including a Helbrute, cultists, converted Obliterator and this Chaos Knight). However, partly inspired by the excellent Ork collection of Viktor Svard shown in this month’s Warhammer Visions* there’s been a bit of a swing back towards the greenskins. I’m still chipping away at the boys (who knew I had so many of them?) but, in an effort to avoid too much of a production line situation arising I changed gear a little by taking on this swarm of grots.
*Still not convinced by the magazine overall though…gretchin-convert-or-die-18






gretchin-convert-or-die-21Feeble and incompetent they may be but I’ve always loved the little grots that scurry alongside the Orks. They’re the source of a great deal of the slapstick silliness that stops the Orks from being entirely brutish and unpleasant. We all secretly know that, in the universe of 40k, no matter how much martial strength the Imperium brings to bear, how vast the devouring Hive Fleets become, how grand the designs of Abaddon or Ghazghkull, how many Necrons wake, the end will come when some cheeky gretchin unplugs the Golden Throne whilst trying to electrocute his mate for a laugh.gretchin-convert-or-die-20


gretchin-convert-or-die-23Experimented a bit with the bases on some of these. Rather pleased with the results.


gretchin-convert-or-die-22And here’s some ammo runts. You can never have too much dakka after all, and no self-respecting Ork is going to carry it himself when there’s a grot could lug it around for him.gretchin-convert-or-die-19




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