Escape from New Orks

The first Games Workshop miniature I ever painted was an Ork Nob in Mega Armour. I still have him around somewhere, but unfortunately can’t put my hand on him at the moment or I’d upload a photo of him to the blog. Suffice to say I’m thrilled that, at last, the Meganobs are back with a nice stompy new plastic kit. Unfortunately my old metal Meganob always looked a bit runty next to the newer plastic Nobs so it’s great (if not unexpected) to see that the new Meganobs are an altogether larger and more imposing beast. The option to turn one of them into a Big Mek is also good news, and (in spite of some early misgivings when blurry photos appeared online) both the Kustom Force Field and Tellyport Blasta look excellent.

The kit also comes with a cracking new oiler grot, a nice touch and a fitting replacement for the (now discontinued) metal version. Not wanting him to feel entirely disposed by this swanky newcomer I dug out my old Oiler and fixed him up with a slightly nicer paint job.oiler-grot-convert-or-die-1


oiler-grot-convert-or-die-3Meanwhile, my other efforts to restore my Ork collection are still rumbling along, although I’ve also got a few Chaos projects in the works (hopefully more on them next week). First off here’s a couple of Meks, the first one built straight “out of the box” using the parts in the Burna/Loota kit.ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-4


ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-6This second Mek Boy is a conversion based off a spare Runt Herd. Not sure if the helmet is supposed to magnify his ideas or stop the other Meks stealing his thoughts . You can’t be too careful with those sneaky Deathskulls around after all.ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-1


ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-3I’ve also worked on restoring a few more boys. Rather pleased with the kill markings on the first boy’s helmet. I wonder if, rather than simply representing enemies slain, these markings might be specific to the weapon, in this case the number the boy has head-butted to death.ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-7


ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-30I’m also really pleased with this mad-boy – I built him years ago and he still looks suitably deadly and demented now.ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-9


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