Wot? More Orks?

After last week’s release of the Mek Guns I uploaded some pics of my own Lobba conversion (to be found here). Afterwards, digging through the boxes where my Orks have been stored, I found these three disreputable characters; the Lobba’s crew.gretchin-convert-or-die-17


gretchin-convert-or-die-13I’ve also been working on a few more restorations for my Ork army, including these two Nobs.ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-13

ork-nob-40k-convert-or-die-7And also a few more Boyz.ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-2




ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-18Today also sees more boyz joining the Waaarg as the Ork release from Game’s Workshop proves to be a gift that keeps on giving.
First of all we have the Painboy, a model I have rather mixed feelings about. His face in particular bothers me. I rather like long-faced Orks – that is to say, the style used by Rackham for their Orcs, or in Game’s Workshops venerable Waaargh The Orks* (of course you don’t remember it, you weren’t even born). However not giving this guy a surgeon’s mask has to be the most spectacular missed opportunity of this batch of releases. The bladed peg-leg is a solid, if slightly obvious, move – perhaps unfairly let down by comparisons to the (rather better executed) Dark Elf Fleet Master. The hand however is (literally) the biggest issue – it’s disproportionately huge and the pose emphasises this, making the whole model look skewed. Overall then this is a model the sum of which sadly does not match the quality of its parts.

*Not really a surprise as Paul Bonner has an artist credit for both.

There’s no such worries with the Mek, a cracking new model bursting with character. Last week I criticised the Big Mek with Shock Attack Gun for its rather gormless face. This new Mek sets that right in spades. He’s covered in great little details (the bolt in his teeth making him look like he’s paused mid-repair to get some extra killing in, the excellent augmetic goggles and other gubbins, the tattered wiring). This is a great addition to the Ork range and should be a lot of fun to paint.
Comparing these two miniatures however it occurs to me that the Mek features a lot more “safe” design choices. There’s nothing radically unusual here, as compared to the Painboy which features all kinds of characterful elements – just a shame they don’t always work really.

The other major “release” this week (apart from the Codex itself of course, which also went up for pre-orders) is the Looted Wagon. Having apparently been cut from the codex this most classically “Orky” unit makes an immediate return by way of White Dwarf magazine. Personally I think this is rather exciting although some raised voices online have complained about it (usually the same voices which attempt to suggest that 6 releases (and counting) over the past weeks represents a half-hearted coverage of the Orks… but I digress…). From Game’s Workshop’s side the argument seems to be that units without models will be cut from codexs, as we’ve seen with Tyranids, Astra Militarum, etc. Mostly this has seen the demise of various special characters and frankly it’s a shame as these units not only added to the richness of the army but also provided people with a gateway into the world of converting. It’s this that makes Looted Wagons so important, you can’t buy them as a kit and hopefully you never will. What you can buy is an Imperial (or for that matter Eldar, Tau etc) vehicle and get looting with the best your bitsbox and imagination can conjure. In the end then, although I’m disappointed that they ever planned to drop it I’m glad to see the Looted Wagon back (before we even knew it was gone). To lose it would have been a great shame, and whilst in the old days one would have had to rush out and buy White Dwarf within a month to get the rules now the digital magazine keeps it safe into functional perpetuity.
Hopefully this trend will continue and the Looted Wagons and Exalted Flamer will not be the only units without codex entries saved by the White Dwarf safety-net. Perhaps they could even make a feature out of it, combining official rules for these lost units with a gallery of conversions from around the Internet. Come on, a man can dream can’t he?

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