Agents of Brutality Part 1

Work and other commitments have me pretty busy at the moment but I’m still slaving away behind the scenes, finding time to paint a little here and there. I’ve finally got round to making a model for my Chaos warlord Kallamoon Kell and hopefully he’ll be finished and ready to show off soon. In the meantime I’ll take the chance to post up some pictures “from the archive” of some of the older miniatures in the collection that, until now, hadn’t been revealed.
This model was shown way back in the very first post on Convert or Die and was also the test model when I was first working out the colour scheme and concept behind the Beasts of Ruin. He remains a personal favourite of mine.




His squad-mate, armed with a heavy flamer.
chaos-terminators-convert-or-die-7  chaos-terminators-convert-or-die-8  chaos-terminators-convert-or-die-9

And another, this time with a chainfist.

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