Triad of Skulls

Before starting work on my “counts as” reimagining of Typhus I decided to make another Plague Marine to act as a test model to try out a few of the techniques I wanted to use. It also provided me with an excuse to try to improve my use of greenstuff – creating a distended, plague-filled gut for the model, marked with the sign of Nurgle. Once again the Skaven Plague Monks were the go-to for a suitably nasty Plague Knife.


After reading this post over at the regularly inspiring Eternal Hunt I also wanted to experiment with using Agrellan Earth to create cracked, decaying armour. It took a little bit of experimenting to get it right but overall I’m impressed by how well it works.


My key tip here is to paint the Agrellan Earth on first, before you basecoat the model, then once its dry add the undercoat carefully (starting with black paint is probably a must here). At this stage the Agrellan Earth is delicate and prone to flaking off, so paint the undercoat on gently or, better still, spray it on. Once this has dried it will seal in the flaking effect and you can paint normally over the top.


An unflattering close up (perhaps a little too close for comfort) reveals the cracked, decayed effect created by the Agrellan Earth – and shows the crudeness of my painting style all in one fell swoop!


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