Blessed Are The Sick

As I described in my previous post I like recreating Special Characters for my own collection, taking the initial idea and reshaping it into something personal. Currently on my painting desk is my own version of Typhus, Ghisguth the Reaper, the bullish and ghastly second in command of the Beasts and Nurgle’s Hand amongst my Chaos Marines. Whilst I get him finished I thought I’d show the other followers of Nurgle already in my collection.plague-marine-convert-or-die-10




This was where the squad began. In many ways Plague Marines are a great place to start learning greenstuff – even if your efforts look awful (and as it’s your first attempt they probably will) you’re fairly safe as Nurgle’s disciples are horribly distorted and unpleasant at the best of times.


Rather than a standard flamer I imagine this marine spraying a cocktail of boiling acidic foulness from the vat on his back.



Golothess the Befouled is the leader of my Plague Marines squad and equerry to Ghisguth. A disgusting and distrusted figure amongst the other Beasts he and his Acolytes often travels ahead of the army like heralds, spreading sickness as they go.



Looking at them I can’t help but wonder – why does Nurgle appeal? What is it about puss-filled wounds and shambling corpses that makes a significant number of otherwise normal people – myself included – think “Lovely, these are the models for me”. Somehow, in spite of the disgust we might reasonably expect to feel, the visceral horror of Papa Nurgle keeps us coming back. On a philosophical note I understand, of course, the difference between fantasy and reality, and “get” the appeal of the quirky circus jolliness, the “today we celebrate because tomorrow we rot” attitude. Clearly however there’s also something about putrefying flesh and guts that makes me want to paint them, otherwise I’d stick to cheerful little Nurglings, but why that is I can’t say I know.

6 responses to “Blessed Are The Sick

  • imperialrebelork

    Disgusting looking models but that’s the whole point right? Hehe
    Well done. I am a tad tentative about using greenstuff. Is it just like modelling clay? Can you cut and carve it?

    • Wudugast

      Thanks. Greenstuff can certainly be a bit intimidating – I’m a long way from being an expert with it, even now. The best thing to do is just pick some up and have a play. Don’t try to take on anything too fancy to begin with (I did and it was a mistake – baby steps are best here, with practice you’ll end up with some great results).

      • imperialrebelork

        Ok noted thanks. Can you make things like axes etc? I promise to only make long snakes with no detail first hehe just curious?

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, you can make axes, or anything really. It just takes practice to master it. I’m a long way from the point of being able to make anything really fancy – but then I’ve not put in much practice. I’d highly recommend just sitting down and seeing what you can make – but just like with painting (or anything really) don’t get disheartened if your first attempts don’t match your ambitions – just stick with it 🙂

        Another quick tip, get some lip balm/Vaseline etc and put it on your fingers, sculpting tools, anything else that you don’t want the greenstuff to stick to. Wish I’d been told that back at the start – it would have saved me a lot of headaches!

      • imperialrebelork

        Great. I really appreciate your advice mate.

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    […] I’m not too proud to admit that the rest of the squad are showing their age a bit (check them out here if you don’t believe me). Nurgle provides a great opportunity to learn with greenstuff, and ugly […]

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