Soldiers of the Wasteland

Abandoning all ties to the Imperium the Hawkmoths have instead adopted the Nomad-Predation pattern of campaigning, hounding the Beasts of Ruin into the darkness of uncharted space. Recruits are selected from young survivors of their raids and the tech-barbarian tribes of ruined

space-marine-scout-convert-or-die-5The nature of the chapter and their restless crusade offers little time to spare for the exhaustive training regimes favoured by other chapters. Following the most basic induction new recruits are hurled into a violent baptism, their skills measured and judged in real combat. Gladiatorial battles between squads are used to hone the skills of the scouts and weed out the weak so I chose to modify my Scout squad with faceless helms and extra

space-marine-scout-convert-or-die-7I enjoy reading through the online rumours about forthcoming releases, even though a lot of them – even those lauded as being from good sources – turn out to be fictitious, they are also often highly imaginative. Many people who take their rumours seriously bash “wishlisting” as a time-wasting nuisance but I’m happy to admit I’ve got some of my best ideas from rumours that proved to be false. It can be disappointing to get your hopes up about something that then turns out to be fake, but you can always try to make it yourself. Before the Blood Angel’s codex was released plenty of (supposedly reliable) sources claimed to have seen post-apocalyptic themed Scouts representing the Space Marines being recruited from the feral tribes of Baal. As it turned out these models never appeared (some might uncharitably say that’s because they never existed) but I loved the idea and tried to replicate it in my Scouts – especially their Sergeant (below).


space-marine-scout-convert-or-die-1A rear view shows the scouts kitted out for life in the wilds, conducting covert operations behind enemy



6 responses to “Soldiers of the Wasteland

  • Les

    Love the rust on the weapons. The conversions are also as awesome as always. Just goes to show that some more subdued alterations can also make a huge difference to the models.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! As you say it doesn’t need to be a big chance to really transform the look/feel of the model. I’ve never been a big fan of the Space Marine Scouts but only because of the heads really, they’re otherwise quite nice models. Same with the Chaos Mutilators actually, I hated them at first glace but they’re actually cracking miniatures, I just can’t stand the awful faces.

  • 40kterminatus

    I love them but I get this funny WWF feeling with those masks.

  • Andrew

    Very cool! Love the conversions, remind me of Blanche’s in White Dwarf.

    Wouldn’t mind showing them the true path of Khorne, though.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! Funnily enough I have often thought about making some chaos scouts. After all those gladiatorial battles it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them started down a dark path. Alternatively they could be created from the toughest of the cultists who’ve proved their dedication to the gods and started the heretical surgery to become full chaos marines. It makes for an interesting narrative too, loyal and rebel scouts hunting each other in the wastes. Food for thought – cheers!

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