The Red Hunger

Here they are, Khorne’s servants – the Bloodletters known as The Red Hunger, tearing their way out of the madness of the Warp (or the even greater madness of my painting desk depending on your imagination).

I deliberately wanted to mix the forces of all four gods across my chaos army. Partly it’s an aesthetic thing – chaos should look chaotic – and partly it’s the fact that I want to paint Bloodletters and Plaguebearers (and Daemonettes for that matter) but I’m not sure I could face doing squad after squad of them.
I know some people balk at seeing mixed daemon armies like this, and with good reason – the four gods being in a state of perpetual war. However I justify this to myself as I see the Daemons in this collection as being summoned allies of the Chaos Space Marines and a clear sign that all four gods have lent their support to the Beasts of Ruin. Also, Kalamoon Kell (the ultimate leader of my Chaos forces) would be disinclined to allow any one of the gods too much influence. Rather, he prefers to Divide-and-Rule – meaning that he’d order his agents to strike pacts with daemons from more than one of the gods, keeping them struggling against each other rather than turning against him.










These leaping Bloodletters use the bodies of Bloodcrusher riders – if you can get your hands on some I’d recommend it as a way of adding a sense of movement to the squad, as though they’re rushing forwards or trying to bound over their comrades to reach the battle faster.


Obliviously the Warmongers of Khorne have no wish to follow orders from a pompous (and odorous) individual like Slatherbile (my Herald of Nurgle) so before he starts to throw his corpulent bulk around I’ve got a Herald mounted on a Juggernaught ready to paint – after that it’ll be time to give the wicked daughters of Slaanesh a crack of the whip!

5 responses to “The Red Hunger

  • Andrew

    Excellent! Love the poses and the “not red” bodies of the daemons. The use of all four gods is a great thought, would love to see a complete shot of all army units at some point. Also, should a warp rift opens near your painting station, push those little devils through to Louisiana to help out Urläg in his bid for Khorne’s favor!

    • pstagg

      Cheers! Was aiming to maintain the “Khorne vibe” but without the traditional red colour-scheme. Back when I started painting I did every squad (in fact every miniature sometimes) in their own colours so my collection looked like a marching fancy-dress party. I stopped that pretty quickly but it’s a balance I’m trying to strike with this chaos army, and especially the daemons, keeping everything “chaotic” and maintaining the style associated with each unit, whilst at the same time keeping them looking cohesive.

      Impressed by Urläg by the way, keep up the good work!

  • Azazel

    I’ve never seen Bloodletters in this sort of scheme before, but I can see how they fit in with the Plaguebearers from the earlier post!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I wanted something that looked a bit different and I wanted my daemons to look like a cohesive force, the multi-coloured mixed-daemon armies that were popular back then always looked a bit odd to me. I even tried painting black/white/grey horrors – let’s just say they didn’t work out too well…

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