Your Poison Throne

Continuing the Nurgle theme from last week, this post sees the return to realspace of Slatherbile the Indestructible, slithering back out of the warp to take command of his master’s putrescent servants.herald-of-nurgle-convert-or-die-1Not the most groundbreaking of conversions this but one I’ve yet to see fail. The addition of the Plaguebearer champion’s head to the body of the Nurgle Chaos Lord creates a Herald of Nurgle that is both wracked with disease and obvious decomposition and at the same time looks corpulent and “in-charge” when standing alongside the shambling plaguebearers.
herald-of-nurgle-convert-or-die-2His name plays deliberately to the pomposity inherent in all daemons. Slatherbile must be, amongst other things, an orator, stage-manager, caravan leader and tallyman, encapsulating the spirit of energetic endeavour and motivation that separates Nurgle’s senior daemons from the feverish exuberance of the rank and file.

herald-of-nurgle-convert-or-die-4It’s safe to assume that anyone calling himself “The Indestructible” holds an opinion of himself that is at least as bloated as his rotund figure. Of course it would be unbefitting for such a distinguished individual to walk amongst the ranks of the great unwashed.
herald-of-nurgle-convert-or-die-5My plan – which I hope I’ve pulled off – was to create a suitably chaotic palanquin for him, combining the key Nurgle elements of rotten wood, rusty metal and vats of virulent toxins, plus the ever-present troop of gleeful Nurglings.






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