The Cult is Alive

To start the ball rolling here’s the first of my chaos cultists. In my opinion the cultists in the Dark Vengeance box are excellent – but I’m disappointed by the duplication of poses. Chaos should be, for want of a better word, chaotic, and whilst it’s very much in keeping for, say, the Imperial Guard, to produce squads of identically uniformed and equipped troops, it’s the antitheses of what a cultist should be to have his clone twin standing next to him. With this in mind I’m aiming to convert as many of them as possible (without giving myself too many headaches).







chaos-cultist-convert-or-die-2Head and weapon swaps are probably the easiest way to do this, as is throwing in a few more elaborate conversions such as the last chap above. His head comes from a cultist who was decapitated for another conversion, his body is an Empire Flagellant (from Warhammer – an absolute goldmine for converting Cultists), his gun from an Imperial Guardsman (hinting at his former occupation), and the mechanical arm from a Necron.chaos-cultist-convert-or-die-25


chaos-cultist-convert-or-die-23I wanted to keep the mutations to a minimum on the cultists, assuming that whilst the advanced physique of a space marine could tolerate such changes a mere human would soon be reduced to a gibbering spawn.



chaos-cultist-convert-or-die-16Another headswap – and the addition of some creepy mechanical eyes – differentiate this cultist from the original.


6 responses to “The Cult is Alive

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  • imperialrebelork

    These look so so soooo good man! Another of my projects is working on a cultist/wastelander army. Interesting about the Flagellants (always think of flatulance haha). I may need to invest. You must have a big supply of bits. I’m slowly building up on mine. I really want the leader of the Cultists. The dude with the shot gun but apparently you can only get him if you buy the Dark Vengeance box. I found him on eBay but he was $25.00 gulp! Really great work. I am slowy making my way through your posts. Love em. Keep up the good work.

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